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Fine art gallery painting
Enlighten your environment with 
Ian Anderson’s beautifully crafted fine artworks which inspire, provoke, and challenge inquiring minds.

Inspired by his faith in Jesus, Ian creates artworks that reveal the awe and wonder of God’s magnificent universe through the sciences, love of life, hope, beauty, and parabolic mystery.

”Finding God’s wisdom leads to abundant life”

fine art gallery painting

 fine art gallery painting

 Owning a piece of Ian’s original art offers more than meets the eye.

Through metaphor and parabolic art, Ian’s creations inspire revelation, the mystery of hope, and assurance for truth seekers, where your inner vision can be transformed to bring joy and lead to transferable peace when you choose to meet the Prince of Peace.

His peace transcends hard times through a heavenly perspective of forgiveness, gratitude, grace, and kindness. These are God’s tools for overcoming depression, fear, and hopelessness.

Check out Ian’s “La Festa” (temporarily on hold for redevelopment)  women’s fashion art or “Homewares” to add to your collection

Ian currently lives and works in Warkworth, New Zealand.

Herons in flight. A surreal story about joy and happiness watching a dream grow. Includes Indigenous art.

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“The Birth of Vision”

"It's a Rich Life" - Cross cultural Surreal oil painting to inspire gratitude when you meditate on much of good to be grateful for. From the story telling of 4 cultures

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“It’s a Rich Life”

Womens Fashion Feast Fashion Essential Top - Ian Anderson Fine Art

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“Dreamtime Seeing”

Latest creative awards – fine art gallery painting

– Selected a nominee in Abstract from
6,193, photographers in 69 countries at the 18th Annual Black & White Spider Awards with | The Corrugated Zebra on the Water – A gentle breeze against the Flow
– Public vote Runner-up Christians in the Arts, Hellensville, New Zealand

– Selected a nominee in Abstract from 6438, photographers in 69 countries at the 17th Annual Black & White Spider Awards with | The Neighbors House – Reflections infidelity

– Selected a nominee in Wildlife Portraiture from 6000+ photographers in 75 countries at the 16th Annual Black & White Spider Awards with | The Sentinels Breakfast

Selected a nominee in Portraits from 6000+ photographers in 69 countries at the 15th Annual Black & White Spider Awards (USA) with | Uncle Bill’s Muse

 – A runner-up in the Artavita International (USA) digital online contest.
“The Logic of God without the Virus – The Wonder in it All”
Link to – Thought-provoking and compelling artwork virtual exhibitionThomas Tunberg

– Also nominated to be “SHOWCASED” at the top of the Home Page in the “Bedroom Art Gallery” group, Fine Art America (USA)
“The Logic of God without the Virus – The Wonder in it All” 

– 1st prize (Professional), Great Summer Art Exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand.

“It’s a Rich Life”
Judge comments – This painting invited me into its many layers and showed maturity in the artist’s oil brush skills.
It gave me glimpses through serene portals of time and seasons with finely painted motifs that the artist chose to represent some of the richness of life.
The work is layered celebrating the present and the fleeting in the foreground but the underlying base of the painting is what gives us a sense of things eternal and spiritual that is the backdrop for life. The cultural symbolism speaks of virtues’ importance essential to our harmony and the well-being of mankind.
The beautifully executed aboriginal design cleverly harmonizes and marries the artist’s cultural past with his adopted NZ home which is part of his identity. I felt the painting calmly thought-provoking and uplifting. Ivan Clarke

Featuring Fine Art Gallery Painting Works

Ian Anderson the artist and photographer.

About the 20th and 21st-century artist

We all hunger for connection and alignment with someone trustworthy to lead.

Ian Anderson Fine Art Gallery (IAFA) is an invite into Ian’s alignment and transparent journey where God’s trustworthy factor is visibly noted in all his works.

Ian says, “I am like a little boy in an *aging suit. I have a lot of playful creativity and God’s goodness to explore and discover before leaving the planet. This rich life offers me an opportunity to overcome personal odds and artistically excel before reaching my next bus stop.

*An aging suit (my body) is temporal, my spirit is eternal and because the spirit doesn’t age, the little boy in me will forever play and learn.

Galleries, on the easel and Mentors

• On the easel – Latest works
• Mentors – Created to thriveSuccess Testimonies
• Mahuranhi Artists – Mahurangi Artist – Studio Trail
• Homeware – For Sale
Fashion – “La Festa” Fashion – Temporary closed 2024

Ian Anderson Fine Art (IAFA) and La Festa Fashion (LFF) support international missions to rescue, heal, and re-educate child and adult victims of sex trafficking with a percentage of all sales from Ian Anderson Fine Art (IAFA) and La Festa Fashion (LFF).

Every purchase helps build a better life for all rescued victims by contributing to our sponsorship funds.


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fine art gallery painting - Women's fashion wear Cashmere Silk Scarf Womens Fashion - Pleasures in living - Ian Anderson Fine Art

La Festa Fashion Wear – Now Closed

Ian’s disciplines

Painting, photography, leathercraft, traditional and digital illustration, sculpture, conceptual graphic design, branding, storytelling, music, and poetry.

Ian is a passionate creative who creates personalised artworks with a realist foundation and parabolic insight. He is not averse to dabbling in other genres, as everything under the sun has a story to tell. Their stories motivate Ian to reveal the uncovered mysteries in parables.

An allegory to inspire 

“To create is the essence of God’s character”.
In the realm of creative enterprise, you need insight, revelation, light, darkness, and God’s grace to live your dream.
“The world of spirit, made in the image and likeness of God, is to be seen and enjoyed on earth … As it is in heaven”.
Cultural visibility in painting, photography, leathercraft, design, illustration, sculpture, the sciences, food, and poetry speak from an inner world made visible by gifted individuals.

Embedded in Ian’s images is this firmly held belief

“The greatest gift God gave to man is not sight; it is a creative vision. The eye function is sight. The spirit’s function is vision. Natural eyes see the world. Spiritual eyes, (the heart of man) creates a vision for living. Embedded within every spirit is the hunger to discover something true. Truly, we worship what we idolize, and what we idolize will destroy or create the life we hunger for.”
~ Ian Anderson

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