“Women’s fashion art – gallery coming 2019.

Modern trends make ladies and men’s fashion art wearable anywhere.

A wonderful new addition to Women’s fashion art is FEAST. “Feast’s” passion is you wear art as quality fashionable art garments in public, on the high streets, private functions and at work or leisure. You will speak yours and “Feast’s” appreciation of the wonderful visual delights in the world of art.

Wherever your good ladies body walks the fashion art gallery exhibits on your chest, arms, legs, backside, neck, and head.

This art ‘talks’ about our world’s beauty. Art for all, the pleasure of personal choice speaking its message of wonder on the streets of our magnificent planet.

The brand FEAST fashion art includes women’s fashion, street wear, household furnishings, and jewelry.

Watch this space with excited anticipation as new information developes through 2019.

All works showcase Ian’s artworks.