We all have a story to tell … mine begins its updated public journey here

In my studio/gallery in Warkworth, New Zealand – 2018 update
  • Finishing 3 mixed media paintings Hunters Gathers 2“, “Hauraki Sunrise“, and “Watercolour Music“. I am also completing 5 oil paintings, Tiritiri Matangi Island Treasures“, “The Wonder of it all“, “Rainbows End“, “The Galah Stimulates Joy“, and “The Whistleblower“. 
  • Drawing, writing, reading, and researching ideas for my next book
  • Preparing more images to populate Ian Anderson Fine Art website along with a strategic plan for social media
  • Dreams of getting back into my physical fitness and some windsurfing
  • Life art, oil painting, philosophy, religion, and Gods influence on those hungry for truth
  • Developing my own fashion label and household products from my artworks
  • I am participating in a business mentor programme learning how to value my time and art as a livable professional artist
  • I am also participating in a business mentor programme for life, communication, and relationship skills
Best ways to keep in touch with what I learn
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  • You can find out more about me at About Ian Anderson or check out my awards history.
  • As for emails, please note. I receive too many. It’s impossible to respond to everyone! If I did, I’d have no time to actually produce anything. It’s nice to hear from readers and fans and fascinating to see the protagonists and skeptics.
    Freedom of speech is wonderful to stimulate discussion but hate speaks, gossip and slander is a pain. I use this blog as an explanatory insight and update on my thoughts.
    Please note, like you, I am a mortal hamstrung in times limitations. I need to exercise my free will, learn mercy and act with forgiveness. My heart is willing and if my heart was as big as Gods I would love you as well as He does. Sometimes I struggle in a confused identity but I am willing to learn and become better at being a healthy contributor to communication.
    I talk to God all the time asking for personal breakthroughs into His presence and these blogs will represent what I discover.
Let the journey begin

So here I have jumped into the big new world of social media discovery.

You will learn heaps about me and what I discover and you to will discover. You will laugh, cry, get ticked off, wonder, question, get inspired, want to marry me, want to hate me, wonder whether I am sane or insane but no matter what, you will be motivated to think.

In this fact, I give Jesus (the supernatural King of all) the credit for creating a brain for me to use. I am an eternal spirit, living in a dirt body made of flesh, limited within times use by date. Freely, I have chosen to take Jesus at His word and the mystery of Gods eternal existence has overwhelmed me with awe. It is also true the multiple of wonders I experience daily living.

An exhortation to all

Hopefully, my journey will influence you for good in the way I am influenced. Yes, I have been and am being brainwashed. Maybe not as you think! In the true sense of the word, I am being brainwashed from the selfishness, prejudice, arrogance, lies, bitterness, murder, anger, fears and sexual lust that once tormented my secret life.

“You only have one lifeUse what you have wisely. If you don’t know how (as I have in my struggles), ask the manufacturer God for wisdom to act as described in His constitution and manufactures manual, the Bible.
Note: The Bible is not a religious book. It was never intended to be and the mystery in its writings (overseen by the spirit of God) is intended to open the heart of any person hungry to find new life and be born again.

Enjoy the ride.

Ian Anderson Fine Art