Portfolio 1 – Oil Paintings and saleable artworks.

Oil painting, illustration photography, leather art, poetry, and sculpture for sale.

Imbued with meaningful content, Ian’s work ethic encourages and challenges us to think outside the square of quality Fine Art pieces, into the realm of emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Ian’s creative disciplines have been honed over 40 years in various disciplines including, fine art, fashion art illustration, graphic design, traditional illustration, leather carving, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, sign-writing, political illustration, editorial cartooning, and photography.

These disciplines were distinctly separate before the digital revolution and now merge across boundaries into the world of fine art.

In 2016 Ian became aware of the overlap which resulted in his unique style and then decided to become a fully professional fine artist.

Ian Anderson (an ex-pat Australian), is a merging artist living painting from his studio/gallery in Warkworth, New Zealand.

Ian says, “I am honored to create and sell original oil paintings, leather art, and reproduction prints for people who relate to a hungry seekers story”.
Oil Painting Illustration Photography

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