Portfolio 1 – Oil Paintings and Artworks for sale.

Original Oil Painting Illustration Photography, leather art, poetry and sculptures for sale.

Selling, original oil paintings, artworks, prints by Ian Anderson, the expat Australian living in New Zealand is an honor, joy, and fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

Imbued with meaningful content, Ian’s work ethic is to bring encouragement and challenge you to consider deeper questions related to our human condition.

Delivered in the context of quality Fine Art pieces, these art work’s inspire challenging questions about emotional, spiritual and physical involvement living on this wonderful planet.

Ian’s experience accumulated over 35 years in various disciplines of fine art, fashion art illustration, graphic design, traditional illustration, leather carving, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, sign writing, political illustration, editorial cartooning, and photography. Prior to the digital revolution, these creative disciplines were distinctly separate. Ian has joined the revolution and now merges the boundaries of these disciplines.

In 2014 Ian’s skills became obvious in the overlap of his creative skills resulting in his unique style and technique. On the back of this revelation, Ian decided to become a fully professional fine artist. Ian still participates in the advertising industry and likes to keep up with changes in technology and people photography.

With the creative blending of these skills, Ian’s work is becoming noticed internationally.

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