Ian Anderson Fine Art poetry and proverbs are embedded in digital art for reproduction in canvas prints, posters, fashion garments, and corrugated garden art. They blend photography, illustration (traditional and digital) printing and painting.

Ian’s story

This visual storytelling (raw and truthful), are used to stimulate imaginations into another worldview.

These stories and thoughts are part of Ian’s transparent journey through his frustrations of growing up as a baby boomer in the 20th and 21st century.

They tell of dysfunctional family muses, humor, misguided teenage confusion, sexual abuse, suicide, purpose confusion, depression, drugs, predatory sexual desires, religion, spirituality, failed business attempts, spiritual darkness, beauty, ecology, joy, happiness and finally a faith that touched the heart of heaven.

Today, he is a happy man.

Reproduction products

Completed artworks are photographed and digitized for reproduction as canvas prints, fine art papers, corrugated iron, fashion wear, household items, games and more.

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