On The Easel

© Works currently on the artist’s easel and drawing board in 2019. Watch progress with regular updates posted.

For interested collectors, don’t hesitate to inquire at this link for a “first in first serve” acquisition of the completed original or the number 1 of 25 limited edition acrylic enhanced reproductions.

Most of my works start with an idea in the mind and journey through photography, pencil, and digital illustration. When I am reasonably happy with the story and imagery I freehand draw or project an image onto canvas or direct my apprentice to prepare the background.

As a storyteller, I like to consider options as I venture deeper into a painting. This means from the original concept to the final product a change in idea may take place. Sometimes quite a departure from the original.

The bulk of my work, as I describe it, is parabolic/allegorical with a surreal twist in photorealism.

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