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Women's fashion and fine art - Contemporary fashions for women

“La Festa” is where fine art and fashion meet, adding a fresh taste to contemporary women’s fashion.

Our passion is in collaboration with Vida, and Coconut Gallery where Fine Art meets Fashion.

contemporary women’s fashion.

Your good body is our “La Festa” gallery.

Modern technologies make custom art reproduction available at the click of a button and that gives your good body a “La Festa” fashion art gallery appeal. Exhibiting on chests, arms, legs, backsides, necks, and heads the art speaks, “Look at me, I am a wonder in it all” while talking up a feast of visual delights.

The garments exhibit Ian’s storytelling, metaphoric love of creation, from his beautiful artworks and showcase fine art embedded with poetic allegory.

The brand “La Festa” includes fashionable streetwear, household furnishings, decor, accessories, and jewelry.

Commit and become our gallery of appreciation. Buy your piece of living art and wear it with aplomb while speaking “La Festa’s” appreciation of our natural world of art and nature.

Read the Vida story.

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