The New Zealand Tui, vibrant, intelligent, alert and with purpose.
The Tui, vibrant, intelligent, alert and with purpose. Art by ian anderson.









NEW ZEALAND TUI – An intelligent observer


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TUI – An intelligent observer New Zealand Tui wildlife


Purpose with intelligence New Zealand Tui wildlife
Abundant life
Riches from the master’s hand


What a delight to capture these images.

As with “Thirst and Character 2” we set up a bowl of sugared water on my friend Barrie’s back veranda in the flight path of the Tui. I set up the camera with a 200mm lens and a 1.4 converter and happily took several shots.

The intelligence and communication of these birds, and the discovery of their delicacy, inspired me to reflect on the saying about feeding others. It’s based on the knowledge that when you’re thirsty and hungry, you find food to satisfy your needs.

Your hunger drives you to seek and satisfy a desire. New Zealand Tui wildlife

Smart, quick, and alert, Tui is ready for action. There was a magical moment when we looked at each other. You were probably wondering, as I was, “What’s the next move?”

In the knowledge of feeding and drinking, we need the wisdom to know which choice is right.

We don’t want poison, so we need intelligence.

Tui does not know how to mix the delicacy as we do. I knew what to offer and their pleasure was free. They had to discover it. One of the family tasted the pleasure and led the rest to the feast.

The fact that it was winter and nectar was scarce only increased their hunger for a new source of energy.

The intelligent and keen eye in this picture was too much for the proverb to resist.

The Inspiration

Watching this family of tui (a native New Zealand bird), I was struck by their energy, determination, and knowledge of where to find good food. What’s more, it was free. All they had to do was listen to the call and fly to the food. A free drink.

God is like that.

To consciously receive from Him, you have to discover where the offering is. To partake, you listen, believe it’s free to receive, and let your thirst lead you to the bowl of living water offered.

This principle is found in all creation, whether it is feeding on the good that gives life or the evil that brings death. When an enthusiast discovers something that gives him pleasure, he will lead willing participants to indulge. Note: Not all guides lead to life!

I look forward to the day when Jesus removes the curse of evil from this world.

All creatures will live as they were created. In peace, without fear, and territorial claims.

This Tui reflects the glory of our Maker. His wonders I am now unashamed to honor in all my artistic endeavors.

It’s Place

This Tui has no idea how twisted human thinking is.

It will fly away to protect itself because it has inner knowledge; most of us can’t be trusted to protect it so it can enjoy the food God gave it to enjoy freely.

We have to earn its trust by exercising an attractive nature out of goodwill and mercy. Something God can give you if you dare.

Please tell this story in London or Paris and Beijing or Sydney, to Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Bashar Al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Angela Merkel, the Pope, David Beckham, and maybe even your spiteful neighbor might enjoy its simple story.

No matter what political, religious, or philosophical opinions in your culture make your heart sing, we all get to play our songs on a planet under the watchful eye of our producer in heaven.

If we are too busy to enjoy and share these simple delights before our eyes, even with our enemies, then we are too busy and perhaps fear is stopping us from living heaven on earth. Ask Jesus. He knows very well how fear drove us to kill an innocent God-man and then to lie to cover up our harmful destructive habits.



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