Brass brushed Concrete bust sculpture on a pedestal of Allan Anstee the poet minstrel in Perth Western Australia
Al – The poet minstrel immortalised in concrete







Full Description

ALLAN – The hungry poet-minstrel lost in the art of seduction.

Immortalized in concrete
Moody eyes of seeking
Ruffled hair
Passion in fearless pursuit
Hungry for pleasure
And lost


Disguised in the peace of the hippy revolution was the hatred and anger of something I didn’t understand. Within the art, songs, poems and drug-induced comas of hungry spirits you would find many dark ideals. We, the enlightened generation, journeying through a labyrinth of ideals with a quest for answers and found an empty dream. Many of my friends never made it out of the woods and I haven’t seen Al since the 1970’s. I remain hopeful that one day we meet again and feed together with new ideals.

I was a gifted artisan and I chose to immortalize my friend in 1972 concrete. After learning of the sculptor/artist Michelangelo the vision of a sculptured bust on a concrete pedestal motivated my creative juices.

Allan, the poet guitarist, was a man with great talent chasing philosophies that fed the desire for carnal pleasures. We were young males with no moral compass, bound in the anarchy of the 1970’s chasing the flight paths of hedonist dreams and I grabbed the chance to boast my budding talent. There was laughter, pain, rebellion but in the secret places of the heart there was confusion, loneliness and purpose was the ever-present unanswered frustration.


As a typical artist with a rebelling heart, I produced from my storehouse of vision, but, I could not turn it into capital gain. For the next 45 years, Ian Anderson was heading down the highway to fulfill the echo of generations gone before him. That echo, “An artist doesn’t make money before they die” and therein was the dilemma of unfulfilled frustration. Hence in my late 60’s courage was found to pursue my dream and this work and story have been resurrected from obscurity.

There is more to come with this tory so while our waiting why not have a look at some more garden art.  The images at this link will be printed on corrugated iron and displayed on Core10 rusted steel, designed as unfurled fern fronds.


ORIGINAL FOR SALE – with or without pedestal
The original will be supplied with Provenance, hand signed and dated, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance/care information.

Photographic reproductions printed on long-life archival canvas and fine art papers.


Sculpted out of modeling clay, molded in plaster of Paris and concrete cast from the mold. The concrete surface was burnished with a brass brush to give a metallic finish.


CORRUGATION ART – Sizes | 820 x short side – $550 | 600 x short side – $425 | 400 x short side – $300
Treated with UV over gloss for long life protection. For add ons and prices of Core10 frond support and solar lighting for outdoors see in shopping cart options.

OPEN EDITION CANVAS FINE ART PRINTS – Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $300 | 420 x short side – $145

All reproductions are treated with UV archival protection sprays.


Once arranged, will include insurance and package and handling fees + for fully framed works and tubed Limited Edition Giclée canvas reproductions, the Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance/care information. Poster art prints will be tubed and insured.

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