Thirsty Tui enjoying a winter delicacy
The hungry Tui feeding on a man made offering





THIRST AND CHARACTER 1 – I was thirsty and you gave me drink


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THIRST AND CHARACTER 1 – I was thirsty and you gave me drink
Tui feeding flight

Thirst and character
You gave me drink
Gives to others


What a delight to capture these images.

As with “Thirst and Character 2” a bowl of sugared water was placed in the Tui’s flight path on my friend Barrie’s back verandah bird feeding station.

Within a short period, one Tui discovered the delight and before we knew it multiple Tui flew into the feeding frenzy. So many photos to choose from.

I set the camera with a 200mm lens and a 1.4 converter.

Tui always seems primed for action. This was a magical moment as we eyed each other and they, like me, were probably wondering “What will the next move be?”

This was winter with its usual shortage of nectar and berries making their hunger more intensified. They needed a new energy source.

The Parable

The intelligence and communication of these birds, discovering the delicacy gave me the inspiration to consider a proverb in relationship to feeding others and the hierarchy in the animal kingdom.

Within the knowledge of feeding and drinking, we need the wisdom to know what choice is right. We don’t want poison, hence intelligence.

Tui does not know how to mix the delicacy as we do. I knew how to offer free pleasure. They had to discover it. One family member tasted and led the rest to the feast.

Knowing when you’re thirsty and hungry you find food to satisfy your need. Your hunger drives you to search and satisfy a wish.

My thoughts

These thoughts came from my readings in “The Bible – Heavens Constitution on earth”. The Bible talks about being diligent in persistence, the glory of being, food for the stomach and food for the spirit (healthy and poisonous), leaders and being led, testing what you eat and the consequences associated with what you eat.

This family of Tui (New Zealand native bird) found their energy, purposefulness, and the knowledge to know where good food is. The food was free and Tui didn’t care they just indulged. The only work they had to do was listen to the first responder call and fly to the offering of a free drink. God is like that. To receive from Him knowingly you need only discover where the offering is and feed as you listen. It’s a free offering made by someone else who cares and to receive you let your thirst take you to the bowl of living water on offer.

This principle is found in all creation, be it feeding on the good which gives life or evil which brings death.

Any enthusiast discovering something with pleasure will lead willing partakers to indulge in the same feast.

The principles of leadership

This story has inspiration for the business, branding design, community ideas, or friends’ advice to find a spouse, etc. The inspiration behind the ideas is to motivate a person’s thoughts.

A leader inspires others to come and drink or points the way to drink. The receiver takes inspiration from the dream and partakes in their own discovery.

When an enthusiast discovers something they find pleasure in they will then lead willing partakers to indulge whether it is politics in New York, business in Tokyo, sport in London, history in Milan, oil drilling in Dubai, a beautiful day at the beach in Australia or a born again experience to meet the God of heaven on earth in Jesus.

Note: Not all leaders lead to life. In this case, one Tui was a good leader!

Maori art symbolism and spiritual language in art

The Mangopare Shark in the Maori world symbolizes natural abundance, strength, agility, and determination.

These predator’s functions (symbolized in the Koru pattern as a backbone) were respected. Maori warriors sought to emulate them on the battlefield to meet their goals.

The wave motion in the design is symbolic of the backbone movement generating forward motion toward the desired prey. Finding true knowledge and wisely applying it leads to a desire fulfilled.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,” Matthew 25:35 (NIV)



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Multiple images photographed with a 5D and 7D Canon and digital illustration created on an iMac in Photoshop CC. The limited editions are acrylic color-enhanced to enrich the Tui feathers and stretch mounted proudly on hardboard. All works are protected with brushed dammar varnish. The planned painting will be on fine-weave, gesso primed linen canvas.


Images from “Thirst and Character 1” is planned to be exhibited on Women’s Fashions through Vida and multiple product lines at Fine Art America

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  • 2018 Rodney Art Awards, NZ – 3rd place in 2 D art.
    Judges comment –  “Preservation and the power of our uniquely natural world. Sophisticated execution of a mixed media work”. 
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