Portfolio 2 – Limited edition reproduction art.

Reproduction art photographic art prints, posters, Giclée canvas prints, fashions

Not everybody can afford an original piece of artwork. To solve that problem we have created Reproduction art through our network of service providers. This service produces more affordable reproductions. We choose the best printers who will faithfully capture the uniqueness of the original artwork. The reason is to emulate the feeling of owning an original.

With the rapid advancement of technology, it is possible to reproduce work on just about any surface for an exhibition.

All reproductions are treated with archival UV protection which further enhances the life of your investment. You may easily maintain your reproductions gently wiping with a damp cloth or sponge.

Our Giclée prints are produced on strong Archival Canvas by master printmaker Paul Cato. Durable prints may be framed without glass, block mounted, or hung like a bus blind. This offers a quality product with many display options.

Giclée Prints, what are they? (pronounced Zee Clay)

Giclée printing uses the latest computer-controlled inkjet technology to produce the finest quality prints available. Using 8 colors including two depths of black makes this possible. Giclée prints display a richer color spectrum making them a sort after reproduction of original artwork.

Giclée printing is capturing a very high percentage of detail from the original artwork. When treated with acrylic enhancement some artworks are almost indistinguishable from the original.  This technique is gaining wider acceptance throughout the art-buying community.

With Giclée printing you acquire a fine artwork at a fraction of the cost of the original art piece.  With a limited edition, hand-signed and numbered work you may boast, almost as loudly, if you owned the original.

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