“Women’s fashion art gallery.

Modern technologies make custom ladies and men’s fashion art available at the click of a button. Women’s fashion art

La Festaintroduces to the streets of the world fine wearable art as quality fashionable garments. You get to speak “La Festa’s” appreciation of our God-given wonders expressed through the world of art and nature.

Wherever your good body walks “La Festa’” fashion art gallery exhibits on chests, arms, legs, backsides, necks, and heads. Ian’s art talks up “La Festa”, “The Feast” of visual delights. It is art for your pleasure speaking, “Look at me, I am a wonder in it all”.

The brand La Festa”  fashion art includes women’s and men’s apparel, fashionable streetwear, household furnishings, decor, accessories, and jewelry.

The garments exhibit Ian’s storytelling love of creation from his beautiful oil painting, photographic, traditional and digital illustration skills and showcase fine artworks embedded with poetic allegory and metaphor.

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