Ian Anderson the artist and photographer.

Qualifications Highlights Experience Ian Anderson Artist Biography

Date of Birth: 3/2/1948 Ian Anderson Artist Biography
Place: Bunbury, Western Australia
Marital Status: Single


To come in 2021

Experience – Ian Anderson Artist Biography
Ian worked as a graphic artist, campaign designer, and illustrator with over 35 years of experience in a variety of commercial and non-commercial studios.
His positions included being an Assistant Art Director, Creative Director, fashion illustrator, editorial illustrator, political cartoonist, campaign director, and general artist, designer, illustrator learning the twists and turns of an industry which traveled speedily from drafting board to digital skills on computers.

Additionally, Ian developed photography skills photographing natural scenery, earning numerous awards which lead to people and wedding photography. In 2016 the combination of these skills turned a corner and morphed into Ian Anderson Fine Art.

Prior to Ian’s commercial successes, he spent many years learning art and craft skills honed in the alternate hippy drug culture of Australia and New Zealand.
The timeline
  2021>  Initiated private tutoring classes in his studio for creative thinking, multimedia, painting, and illustration.
  2018-20> Continuing to create new ideas, create merchandising, learn marketing, and employing others to enhance the vision. Ian joined Mahurangi Artist Network and Created to Thrive, International Christian, Artists
  2017> Ian’s art introduced to the streets of the world with Vida and LaFesta Fashion
  2016> After many false starts and some moments of angst, Ian plunged into full-time fine art as a professional opening his small art gallery/studio in Warkworth, New Zealand. The studio/gallery showcases original art and reproductions viewed on this website.
  2012> After a major cathartic experience, Ian started the journey to become a full-time fine artist, craftsman, illustrator, and photographer. For four years he juggled photography, graphic design, painting, leather carving, and setting up a brand ID for the legacy of Ian Anderson Fine Art (IAFA). The full-time goal is painting, poetry, photography, illustration, leather art, book publishing, giftware, reproduction prints, and education.
  Multi-award-winning wedding and portrait photography and oil painting in recognition for excellence in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.
 Conversant with creative technologies (Mac, Adobe, Microsoft, WordPress).
  1994> Commercial and real estate photographer.
  1992> Developing familiarity with trends in management thinking and still learning in the forever-changing business environment. 
 Highly developed graphic, fine art, photography, leathercraft carving, illustration, and digital art skills. Graphic designer and illustrator.
  1992> Managing Director of Legal Graffiti Design Ltd inc. Hot Shots Creative Photography in Warkworth, New Zealand.
 Moderately successful multi-award-winning wedding and portrait photographer.

  1990> Business Networking International (BNI), Orewa and Warkworth, New Zealand. (Past President)
 Warkworth Squash. (Past Committee Member)
 Warkworth Business Association. (Past Committee Member)
  1987> Solo, invite group, and retrospective exhibitions of paintings with works hanging in private, business, and government collections worldwide.
  1983> Political and editorial cartoonist/illustrator for The Christchurch Press, Wellington Evening Post, and The Dominion.
  1982> Successful advertising campaigns, art direction, and project management.
  1981-the 1990s> Adult education tutor in creative illustration, portraiture, painting, photography, cartooning, and leatherwork in Christchurch, Auckland, and Warkworth, New Zealand.
  1981> Ian flew back to New Zealand, a free man, or so he thought. He was free from drugs and alcohol abuse but secretly still addicted to adultery, sexual grooming, and pornography. He became a youth leader and worked as a part-time handyman, leather craftsman, and commercial studio artist in Christchurch.
  1979> With a conscience conviction, Ian flew back to Perth fronting up to his past and paid his dues.
  1976> The lights went on. After a trance (or vision/visit to heaven – no exact words to describe and not drugs related!) and 2 parabolic dreams, Jesus’ spirit, without condemnation and in broad daylight, replayed his life in a supernatural movie. While sitting on a stolen backpack on the side of SH6 at Lake Hayes, New Zealand Ian’s supernatural God encounter brought the peace and assurance he was searching for. God exposed all his hidden secrets, deceit, lies, thefts, guilt, shame, adulterous, identity confusion, and the bitter loneliness that plagues a proud, self-righteous, angry and stubborn heart.
  1974> Ian moved to New Zealand, hiding for 7 years, (or was it running scared from his past) with a police record and 2 warrants out for his arrest.
  1970-76> 6 years in the hippy drug scene searching for peace and meaning to life. In and out of eastern mysticism, cults, witchcraft, religions, philosophies, sexual pursuits, personal gurus, occult healing, growing dope, dealing drugs, struggling with sexual grooming, pornography, and the short time roadie and part-time percussionist for Afro-Rock band “Mother Lode”
  1972> 1 year at Claremont Technical College (School of Art)
  1970> Off the rails, artist-craftsman working primarily in leather and drug counter-culture folk art. Suicidal, murderous, anti-social, anti-materialism, anti-capitalism, and hungry for love in sexual exploits.
  1968-70> Commercial advertising artist and neon designer, Perth, West Australia.
  1965> First Jobs. Junior clerk, postman, and lineman in training, Perth, West Australia.

  Windsurfing, squash, cycling, swimming, and tennis keep his heart rate pumping.
  Music – percussionist and learning guitarist.

 Unashamed, Ian honors body, soul, and spirit, Jesus as the key to nirvana or spiritual peace and reconciliation with the creator of the universe.
 Helping the underprivileged and despised ostracized of the world into a better slice of the pie and how to find, love joy, and peace.

Cathartic experience

“Artists don’t make money before they die”, “Being an artist is not a real job”, “Artists have hopeless business minds”!  These dream stealer one-liners threw me into many years of mental health issues as a purpose confusion male.

I took all that junk on board and an angry protest rose up within me. Who had the right to tell me I can’t or won’t succeed with my gifts? I have to pay my way, buying others’ goods and services, so why can’t a fine artist do the same?

Adding salt to my wound, supposedly after I am dead, others will make capital gain out of my poverty-inflicted paintings that served no real value while I was alive … as so many wanted me to think

Purposelessness frustration drove me to humble myself asking heaven for the direction where a divine encounter, with new passion, was born.

In the early hours of that morning, I realized I was gifted to pursue my dream and no one had the right to steal my dream with sown doubts about the value of an artist. In the midst of that revelation, my star was birthed to rise.

Wake up call

That morning’s wake-up call added fire in my belly to prove dream stealers wrong. I wrote a poem and story about my revelation with a vision to paint from the insight which will be painted in the near future. Watch this space.

In 2012 I flew to Melbourne, Australia, and spent 2 days at a Salvador Dali exhibition. My passion was further developed at the National Gallery of Victoria when I realized I was missing out because I undervalued who I was and what I could create. I wept my depressed and broken heart out while standing in front of a Rembrandt portrait.

My passion was further enhanced on the Yarra River over a cup of coffee and a conversation with my niece revealing a gem. Jade blurted out this profound statement … “Just paint what you want to paint and let us decide”. One is never too old to learn and I’m forever grateful. Thanx Jade.

At the time of seeing this I thought, why don’t I use what I have in stock photography, old drawings, paintings, and leatherwork to frame up, and display on walls. I built a website for you to see and decide on my place in history.

You decide 

The long roller coaster ride of emotions has led to this Ian Anderson Artist Biography for you to decide.

Remember, buy before I die. I want to pay for my own headstone as a successful artist with my goal to leave a legacy for the inspiration of other generations. I don’t want the Government to foot the bill for a poor artist’s grave.

Ian Anderson Fine Art (IAFA) is branded copyright, capitalizing on financial markets with a percentage of all sales from IAFA, and LaFesta Fashion provides literacy programs via Vida manufacturers. IAFA supports World Vision sponsorship and feeding programs in third-world countries through IAFA’s partnership programs. Every purchase adds to our sponsorship towards building better lives for generations to come.

When this artist has left the planet his legacy will continue under the protection of “Ian Anderson Fine Art International Charity Trust”.

This dead artist’s works will continue providing long after he has gone.

Thanx to you all.