The translucent red rose standing proud in the sun with curious onlookers







STANDING PROUD – From the masters hand


Full Description

STANDING PROUD – To blossom, red roses greeting the face of the sun.


From the ground
The growth that blossoms red
A master craftsman’s image
Created with purpose
A translucent thoroughbred


This Red Rose oil painting captured my imagination from a worm’s eye view looking towards the heavens. I wanted to capture the translucency of sunlight coming through the petals. The worm’s eye view offered a different perspective. I added the sparrow as a companion to my vision.

It’s an extraordinary science to know what is happening in the leaves and stems from the action of photosynthesis. To create the wonder of sight and smell in the petals of the rose is a WOW to me. Its DNA life cycle is written, from birth to death. I for one am in awe of how God made this.

All I can do is recreate what I see on canvas within the confines of an artist and just like the Lily from the Valley 3 and Lily from the valley 4  paintings I was challenged to see how true I could work the oils. I wanted the photo-realistic appeal to express the sentiment in the Rose story. Ian Anderson has learned certain techniques to apply oils to the canvas. The finished product has exalted his name before many. There is no way he has exhausted all to know about oil painting but he learned enough to create something for others to enjoy.

The parable of the rose

A rose has no nationality, no pride, no religious or political affiliation.

A Rose doesn’t care who owns it. Its universal appeal should be an insight into how we are to treat each other. Through a revelation of Himself in Jesus, God desires the fragrance of a rose to whisper its beauty through our homes. Without fear, we are to enjoy one another. Without prejudice and bitter disputes over opinions, we should tend our gardens to blossom like the rose.

How should I paint the rose? All disciplines mastered like cubism, impressionism, photorealism, or expressionism, have their place. Greater than the painting of this rose is the love that is embedded in the gift of life given to us.

The reproductions of this Red rose oil painting is best on display in the interiors of homes from Dubai to London or New York, Paris, or Sydney. Wherever good taste has an appreciation. Not only a beautiful work of art but the allegory written with its intention is a heartfelt inspiration to meditate upon as a guideline toward a wonderful contemplation in your heart. God has given us a beautiful world to live and play in and my exhortation is, “Don’t get so busy building your empire that you forget to stop and appreciate the beauty God has put before your very eyes”. Lay on the ground and lookup.

The original painting belongs in the home of Michael Lunjevich, New Zealand.


ORIGINAL SOLD – * Reproductions available
Painted with artist oils on the fine weave, gesso primed cotton canvas for long life integrity. The canvas is stretched on New Zealand pine and treated with brushed dammar varnish protection.
* Originals and Limited Edition reproductions are supplied with Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate, and maintenance/care information.

Please ask about the price and sizes – Replicating original size (1420 x 960) on stretch mounted archival canvas starting from $3500 inc GST

Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $960  |  650 x short side – $650
Printed on long-life archival canvas and protected with two coats of UV archival protection spray.
* Stretch mounted reproductions will incur added charges for mounting and freight.

Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $120  |  420 x short side – $92
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival protection spray.


Images from “Standing Proud”  are exhibited on Women’s Fashions through Vida and multiple product lines at Fine Art America.

  • Includes insurance and package/handling fees.
  • The Original and Limited Edition reproductions ship with the Provenance coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance information.
  • Poster art prints ship in insured tubes.


• Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards, NZ.
• Great Summer Holiday Art Awards, NZ.

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