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STUDIO BAG – “Autumns Inversion” Women’s Fashion Studio Bag

An all-over printed bag for every day, created for artist studios yet perfect for the yoga studio, the daily commute or trip to the market. Roomy when it needs to be with 8 pockets. 100% recycled material. Women’s Fashion Studio Bag



ART INSPIRED ZERO WASTE GLOBAL IMPACTn’s fashion Women’s fashion Cocoon Wrap

This design was created for my “Wonders on the Mahurangi ” collection 2020. 

Buoyed by sales from research and developing “La Festa Fashion”  I have taken the challenge to create a series from my local river walks.

My first inspired concepts developed from an inverted color palette.

Wonders from the Mahurangi collection

Every design starts with a nature walk where no end of creative inspiration is available.

The Mahurangi River walk in Warkworth, New Zealand stimulated this “Feast” of wonders.

In one moment, I discovered “free-to-taste and see” simple delights … water splashes, raindrop reflections on leaves, discarded feathers, fronds in spring unfurling, and beautifully colored discarded leaves from the treetops.

And here is the birth of my collection “Wonders on the Mahurangi”.

My vision of “Feast” possibilities increased while observing the blue sky reflections and cloud-colored ripples intermingled with twists of Forrest green, Kingfishers, White Faced Heron, Mallard Ducks, waterfall reflections, ducklings, bathing Sea Gulls, and Fantails.

An exhortation to change

The rich experience increased my desire to teach how easy it is to see beauty everywhere.

Look after what you have today, protect your thought life by looking for things to be grateful for. Godly gratitude is great gain.

Don’t join the chorus of doomsday thinkers, critics, and skeptics and you will find quick solutions to modern-day dilemmas.

Learning to love God and thanking Him for what He made is a good place to start.

In your heart space, you will understand how to protect beauty with His revealed wisdom in the mystery to forgive.

Don’t harbor anger and blame shift, bear your personal responsibility, keep your heart pure, and spread the nectar of goodness and kindness in all that you do.

The “Wonders of the Marhurangi” collection “Autumns Inversion” presents these thoughts in fashionable colors from a photographed Oak tree in the final stages of fall.

The challenge

There is no end to delight yourselves with simple pleasures when you make time to stop, look and listen.

You find multiple wonders, bursts of color, sounds, and scents to be grateful about.

The “Wonders on the Mahurangi collection”, is an inversion of color from God’s natural world of beauty.



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  • Materials: 100% recycled polyester

  • Dimensions: 15.25″ L x 27.25″ H x 5.5″ W
  • Care: Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Gentle cycle, air dry. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Notes: Ultra-compact and packable when empty. Protective sewn-in base. Black interior. Item includes the artist’s signature in the print.

  • Custom Made In Pakistan

  • Social Impact: A literacy program


Artworks for fashion items are designed from original art pieces or specifically designed for a named collection. The artworks include oil and multimedia paintings, illustrations, photography, leather art, digital art, and typography graphics.


Prints and gifts are available from the original artwork including, Jewelry, Wall prints, dinner sets, games, gifts, garden art, home decor, beachwear, and much more.


Shipping includes insurance and package/handling fees.

  • Minimum items stocked. Manufactured on demand.
  • Each piece is uniquely designed and custom-printed. Custom printing reduces waste and the need for mass-produced goods. The color and placement of the artwork may vary upon receipt.
  • A portion of all sales from Ian Anderson Fine Art, LaFesta Fashion, funds literacy & social programs worldwide. Every purchase helps us continue this legacy.
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