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KINGFISHERS REST 2 – Relax, no stress


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THE KINGFISHERS REST 2 – Relax, no stress
Kingfishers peace birds flight

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Kingfishers New Zealand wildlife 

The Kingfisher and Patience

Listen to the Kingfisher’s intent
Azure blue darting through the overcast sky
Direct to the water’s edge without a sigh
All efficient in a committed land
Morsels of food are the passion of his brand
The gleaning eye in his mid-morning vision
No table manners
Just a very quick decision
Purposeful and with natural intent
Legs straight and small neck bent
Beaks his prey between quick breaths of life
No thoughts of a fearfully stressed wife
No brownie points to earn
This is his life
Conserved energy to burn

See and eat
Fly back to the place of rest
One thing noted he’s not gifted with the best
No free will to act out love
No degrees from school
A bird made to fly above
No culinary skill
No taxi to the event
The DNA embedded
The pleasure of eating a kill
Beautiful colors accented without freewill
The wonders of fauna with treasures to thrill
Gifted with patience and skill to feed
Knowledge to only know of its need
The lesson I learned as I observed the flight
Patience in waiting
A simple delight

 Kingfishers rest in peace


Relax after play
The reward
Peace of mind



As with “Kingfishers Rest 1″ this inspiration came to me as I walked beside my studio in Warkworth, New Zealand.

In the weeks before, I had observed the antics of Kingfishers waiting patiently with keen anticipation, then the lightning flight path to its meal, a feed of crustacea on the banks of the river. It was incredible! A McDonald’s eatery, a steakhouse, an ice cream, a diet of pleasure for a hungry family. Who knows its vision?

I knew there was a pattern here so I was always on the lookout to capture what I was seeing. This little one did not disappoint! For about 15 minutes, we eyed each other and he was just as content with me being there as I was with him. My bonus was a unique pleasure, inspired by a unique capture. Kingfishers at peace with themselves

The lesson I learned from this is patience, rest, and pleasure. While waiting for good things to come my way, I will endeavor to do the right thing according to the circumstances I find myself in.

This is a wonderful example of active participation in exercising my faith in the Divine Law as written in The Constitution from Heaven. The manufacturer of the instincts in these birds reflects the wisdom in all things made, and today I saw patience without stress and anxiety. I hope you understand my insight here because it has given me a feeling of greater peace and freedom to enjoy and be grateful for what is in front of me. I am certain that all my needs will be met, so I don’t need to be anxious or fearful of wasted negative emotions.


Like the kingfishers in this photo, I am learning to trust that my feed will come, no matter what! I trust that I will see it in advance because I trust what my father has said, “He will supply all my needs” and He has proven Himself to be trustworthy.

The kingfisher has fed from an inner knowing, food was there, and he exercised his knowledge to achieve its desired tucker, then came back to rest. Kingfishers peace-filled leisure

This story should be told on interior walls from New York to LA, Paris to London, and all over the planet, and encourage you to stop and observe.

Why not meditate on God’s goodness, take some time out to rest, and exercise gratitude for what you have as you enjoy His common beauty for all?



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