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PRECIOUS – I dream of life


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PRECIOUS – I dream of life Life pregnancy illustration abortion


Something special Life pregnancy illustration abortion
New life
Heaven to earth
An impregnated wife

From the seed came a body
Let the journey begin
The house
A spirit
Wisdom within

Gods living breath
Accountable to love
The end sleeps in death


I was briefed to illustrate a story about abortion in 1990. It was to support an article about the effects of a new embryo, the mother’s, and society’s trends in general.

I was the creative director of the Christian magazine “Rise Up – New Zealand”.

Researching the stories of those who had experienced such challenges, left me deeply moved by consequential effects. The emotional scars left on those with a conscience were all too real.

Today as I reread my first story I realize how much I have changed and the sensitivity I now have to the greater plan in new life. It leaves me perplexed at the hardness and fearful selfishness we can carry as we seek our meaning to life on earth.

Illustrating the story birthed in me a quest to understand a new word I had discovered. Sin. More on that later.

Respect for life

If we have no respect for life, if we have no absolutes and boundaries set, if we are not accountable to a higher being we will become bigoted and bitter beings.

We all have the potential to become fearful, cynical, and bitter self-serving individuals demanding our rights with no heartfelt thoughts for the consequences of others. It is a mindset of, me first, who cares about the rest? I will defend my own rights even if it destroys you. It’s a horrible twist of seared conscience and in our ignorance and self-serving dramas, multitudes of gifted beings will never get a chance to fulfill their mission on earth.

I for one was once a perpetrator of such calloused thinking. Better the living dead than the dead living.

Mothers story

In this image, I see the mother contemplating the future in the life allegory of a flower. She is optimistic and has a good heart under the good provision, wise counsel, and knowledge of heavens mandate on earth.

The child she carries will have a life history to boast about on their return to the founder’s marriage supper. At least, in this image, the mother’s good wish is envisioned for her child. A hope that the child will navigate through all the nuances of life and leave at the other end a victorious overcomer, accountable for good.

The question I once asked was, “What the heck does sin mean”?

For those who don’t understand the term sin, this is how I learned to understand it as an old English archery term meaning to miss the mark.

For example, in the sport when a goal is scored on the back of foul play the winning crowd goes wild and shouts goal, yee-hah, or whatever the follower’s culture is to express the elation. The opposing team bemoans and earlier probably screamed out idiot, you fool, and cursed the one who fouled.

The one who fouled missed the mark of fair play and suffered the consequences for their team and followers. Sin, in archery terms, means, “They missed the mark”, is the bullseye on the target. The crowd would have shouted sin.

The mark in sport is, play to meet your goal fairly and you will not face a penalty. To miss that mark of goodness is sin and has a penalty to it.

What is the mark in life we have missed?  Sin in terms used in the Bible means we missed the mark set for mankind – to love God and to love one another. The sins of the heart show we have missed. Life pregnancy illustration abortion

Consider some of these. Unforgiving, selfish, greedy, fearful, foul-mouthed, angry, bitter, critical, gossips, slanderers, prejudiced, envious, jealous, murderous, lying, self-righteous, unmerciful, vengeful, adulterous self-serving, and more. It’s a big list engulfing us all.

Misinformed ignorance about playing fair

You would have to agree we have done a poor job.  In varying degrees, we easily fit the idiom, idiot, or fool who didn’t play fair. Not as a judgment of condemnation but as the fair expression of our dark nature measured against the right standard.

All this sin cost us the mess we now live in. If we are really honest most of us don’t know how to love our neighbors. This has its greatest test in how we treat our enemies and opposition. It’s easy to be philosophically good until you meet your enemy.  That is where you truly discover what’s in your heart and there lies the problem for mankind … it is in our heart. Called sin and iniquity (Old English words describing dark destructive thoughts which miss the mark of love) is what creates the darkness of the soul. Depression is a by-product.

In our misinformed ignorance we all, to one degree or another, have totally missed that mark – to love one another.  We can be unforgiving, selfish, greedy, fearful, foul-mouthed, angry, bitter and critical, gossips, slanderers, prejudiced and envious, jealous, murderous, lying and self-righteous, unmerciful, vengeful, adulterous full of pride, and self-serving.  These are not always openly obvious and in many cases are the secrets in a Godless heart. Even outwardly good people struggle with internal bitterness and regrets.

When the pressure is on we twist a story to suit our gains because we are afraid to miss out. We don’t trust God and we don’t trust one another very well.

Back to the allegory

In this illustration, you may imagine the birth of this baby will go through a painful deliverance for the mother to the joy of a new life under the sunshine on earth. The story of a spirit within a body to write its own history under heavens watchful affection. That is the joy of considering a new birth with a good heart attitude.

The mother desires the child to grow and struggle through conflicts to a mature and successful being of honor.

With good and wise counsel adhered to, the child will find it easier to navigate the sinful nature and avoid many troubles.

There is an answer that leads to life when mercy and forgiveness triumph over judgment.


Airbrushed watercolor inks and dyes with watercolor pencils on a commercial Illustration artboard. Matt UV archival varnish is used to protect the illustration.

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