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The little Storm Petrel





RESCUED – Storm Petrel



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RESCUED – Storm Petrel
Storm Petrel illustration drawing
ORIGINAL FOR SALE – POA @ this link.

Lost in the storms of living
Battered and bruised
Functions all but exhausted
Fear gave way to kindness
The pick me up
A flight into the future


The summer was enticing, hot and attractive with pleasurable pursuits in warm ocean currents on offer. Aha, but this particular summer week was about to unleash a sting not called for. Not all was to be an endless cycle of sunshine and playfulness.  Brewing in the Pacific ocean was plans to upset our carefree pleasures. A storm of 3 days vengeance. Only the hardy found it within themselves to brave the elements and continue pursuing natural summer desires to be outside.

Never one to be bored, I changed my plans and sheltered indoors creating new artworks. Let the storm pass, I mused and dream of a later adventure into the wild for a quick peek at the wreckage and plan a windsurf at Snells Beach.

The Little Storm Petrel

And there he was! Storm-battered, in shock and looking for some comfort from the unrelenting wind. Compassion gripped my heart, a beach towel gripped in my hands and a plan hatched to rescue this little one for a few days TLC. My inner vision, to see Storm Petrel fly off into the ocean blue yonder after the storm passed. Not all creation is cruel and the knowledge of new life after the storm moved me to give some time to nurse the little one back to its normal functions.

A warm bed (towel in a cardboard box) some bread soaked in milk and some soft talk created a two-day welcome environment for recovery. Storm Petrel was a happy little cared for.

And there I was, feeling content that I was of some help. In the midst of care, temptations to fear it may not survive willed me on with an honest prayer for its pain and shock too soon be over. Little did I know I was going to have an Aha! moment.

In my satchel were drawing implements and a sketch block. Why don’t I make this little one world-famous as he recovers? A great idea on day two.

A dream fulfilled on the kitchen table

Little Storm Petrel was still showing signs of exhaustion, and trust had developed in my handling his affairs. This encouraged me to take him from his bedroom to the kitchen table. There he was, relaxed, closed eyes and contented allowing me to draw to my heart’s content. I think we both knew he would soon fly away leaving me with this story to tell. On that day there were two happy campers at my house. One found new life from a battering, the other found pleasure in rescuing.

Day two came and passed. Day three new life was found offering and Little Storm Petrel had a vigorous new look in its eyes. I quest it could smell fresh fishing in the calm of a relaxing ocean and that appeal moved me to plan a goodly moment.

Donkey farm, a fence post and a flight to freedom

Back into his cardboard box bedroom, the roof drawn shut and the dark adventure began to Donkey Farm track in Algies Bay. I did imagine Little Storm Petrel thinking, “What are you doing to my comfort” as the dark of his temporary bedroom became a prison on the road to freedom. Hang in there little one and soon you will fly with the passion of new life. Trust me!

There were gentle sounds of a caregiver opening and closing a car door and the slow motions of walking a cobbled path down to the clifftop fence. Mixed in this journey is the air of anticipation as the roof opened to a calm sea and small slivers of blue sky breaking. Little Storm Petrel perked up as I placed him on the fence rail and there as I prepared my last fair wells with a photography session he waited and contemplated the moment of taking off. I guess he was processing the memories of a storm, a rescue, the comfort of his bedroom, free food (maybe a little bland but welcome), the studio life drawing session and kind words and strokes of his caregiver.

In the blink of an eye, his moments of reflection turned to puffed-up feathers, pumped little leg muscles and the contemplated launch functioned without drama. Little Storm Petrel was back in the domain of his freedom.

I am conscious God has given me everything to enjoy and on that note, Little Storm Petrel introduced me to more selfless pleasures.

The technique

The challenge to illustrate and control pencil leads to mid-tone *(Chiaroscuro) sensitive capture of the feathers and shape of the bird challenged me to experiment. In this case, I wanted a more chunky pencil stroke. A soft 6b pencil of choice was combined with heavy hand strokes on archival, acid-free watercolor paper.

* Chiaroscuro (Italian for light-dark) in art is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition.



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Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $145  |  420 x short side – $95
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival spray.


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