In the process of living being alert to predators is essential for protection. Demonstrated by Silver Eye birds and a bird feeder bowl
Being alert to predators while living is essential for protection











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THE WHISTLEBLOWER – A watchful Silvereye, lest a predator devours your provision

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The whistleblower
A watchful eye
Diligent observer
In the heart
Alert the ignorant
Warn the innocent
Provision protected
Frustrated predator


In our lives, we sense what is right and wrong, good and bad, positive and negative, or bright and dark.

This piece explores some aspects of our daily experiences while seeking success.

There are people with wicked intentions who try to harm our good desires. This means we have to be careful and smart to safeguard our intentions.

I picked animals to tell this story. In the story, the whistle-blower is the one who sees the evil before everyone else. This is like the life of a wise prophet who can see things we can’t in life’s brief journey.

The musings on a Silvereyes dilemma

The Silvereyes employ energy to eat and recharge their used-up energy.

While I observed them, numerous images reminded me of their distinctiveness and natural sagacity. As they eat, Silvereyes fertilize flowers, scatter seeds and devour insects with diligent activity. Their flight paths are efficient, while their musical conversations announce their arrival as a marvel of life’s enigma.

Silvereyes’ preservation intuition safeguards their species when they sense potential predators. When the fruit is ripe, the Silvereye eats it, causing a profit loss for orchardists who view the Silvereyes as pests or possible predators. This leads the orchardists to seek extermination solutions with anger.

However, Silvereye’s role of providing and blessing intrigued me and motivated me to contemplate our life cycle in flesh and spirit.

Guess what! Ian Anderson had to create what he was seeing.

The life cycle – philosophically

“Everything is futile” reminds us to think about death’s inevitability in the afterlife.

Domestic cats are a threat to the Silvereyes. The Silvereyes can be a nuisance as they eat away at our profits, but they also help pollinate flowers which produce fruits for nourishment and monetary gain.

Despite the ups and downs of life, I find myself amused by the concept of good versus evil, positive and negative, and the yin-yang of existence. However, the magnificence and marvel of the Silvereyes remain unchanged.

When we see the wonder of God, there is an extraordinary sense of peace and excitement.

Recognizing the reason, support, and the enigma of life, and certainly, this vision, motivated me to appreciate what I have and prepare effectively for obstacles. I desire to evade the hindrances to have a remarkable experience. When I am mentally healthy, my physical health improves and I become more helpful to others. Learning to prioritize self-love, as advocated by Jesus, will enable me to make a positive impact on others instead of taking advantage of them.

The purpose and spiritual dimension

Most people feel obligated to live in the right way and safeguard their achievements, just like the Silvereyes.

My simple and direct art is inspired by Jesus’ parables, delivering God’s message through my work. We are made with awe and it’s important to acknowledge who deserves the credit.

Just like the “Whistle Blower” Silvereye, God alerts us to the dangers of falsehoods in spirit and truth.

Our spirit seeks to understand where the gap is. So we all have our way of communicating, using the bodies we have which come from various colours of dirt. Our physical bodies turn to dust when our spirit separates from the ups and downs of life. In this regard, our tangible reality is similar to that of the Silvereyes; we all have an expiry date and let’s hope not to become a predator’s meal.

The nourishment of our souls is of great significance.

Our choices can determine whether we live or die, succeed or fail, and gain valuable knowledge for navigating life, even in identifying a predator’s motives. The “Whistle Blower” cautions that the cat, which is a predator, has wicked motives in its plan to have Silvereyes for breakfast.

The energy for life’s flight

The Silvereye has a tiny heart.

They eat and defecate on the grass in the gardens of Prime Ministers, Kings, fruit growers, and the tree over the head of an alcoholic or young lovers.

Away from our sight, a chemical reaction occurs as food is transformed into energy for flight to forage and escape predators. Are we any different in our daily pursuits?

Nature’s inspiration and the supernatural world of spirit

When I observe our planet, I wonder about the place Silvereyes holds in it.

A magnificently crafted biological machine lies beneath the visible exterior, propelled by chemical reactions, mechanical components, and DNA coding – all with an inherent purpose. The fact that a superior deity has the grandeur and wisdom to construct all of this leaves me stunned.

Once, I wondered how everything could have arisen from a single explosion without the intervention of creative intelligence. This inquiry left me puzzled and in a state of childlike innocence; it prompted me to question the whereabouts of a higher being who could create all of this so that I could communicate with Him.

This inquiry left me puzzled and in a childlike innocence; it prompted me to question the whereabouts of a higher being who could create all this wonder. I wanted to talk with them.

Surely I can speak directly without religious leaders, gurus, shamans, philosophers, drugs, and politicians telling me what to do. How did the Silvereye and I come to be? I was confused.

I needed to prioritize my well-being and gain knowledge on the matter. This is when I found out about the “whistleblower,” the predator, and why the whistle was blown.

Running short of ideas, I gazed up and questioned whether Jesus was truly who He claimed to be. And why had fear, depression, and confusion dominated my life? On that day, Jesus became my “Whistle Blower” and my prayer was answered.

Wisdom in the “Whistle Blowers” voice

I am grateful for the wisdom in science, biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering, food technology, sound, and all the things that make up our physical and spiritual being.

I discovered the cause of the whistle and it made me realise the truth of His existence.

His love and protection made me grateful and my cynicism dissipated. His being in the spiritual realm beyond the awe-inspiring universe, His all-knowing ability in creating, and His everlasting, all-powerful, and imaginative essence, bestowed upon me a fresh start. Moreover, He endows upon me the insight to detect and repel predators… I acquired this knowledge from the alert of the “Whistle Blower”.

The Indigenous art connection

I’ve added my interpretation of Indigenous Australian art using dot painting and some New Zealand Maori art to bring people together. How could they convey the same story through these forms?

I admire the liveliness and symbolism in Native art, particularly the distinct dot painting style that people worldwide recognize.

At first glance, dots are simply Aboriginal art, similar to cross-hatching or stencil methods in Western art.

However, delving deeper into the history of Aboriginal dot painting reveals a world of secrecy, concealment, and ceremony that is ripe for exploration.

How Aboriginal culture represents their worship is something I now explore and implement within my cultural medium. The stories I witnessed left me grateful to the powerful divine beings for the profound and wise knowledge of the Aboriginal people’s storytelling art. Their ability to make visible depictions of their beliefs using accessible resources fascinated me and aroused my curiosity about their motivations.

Additionally, I discuss the essence embodied by Jesus, referred to as the “Whistle Blower.” He assisted me in identifying the supernatural obstacles that prevent individuals from perceiving the spiritual dimension and the kindness of God.

The “Whistle Blower” and Heaven

A whistleblower is not a slave to culture, politics, religion, philosophy, or ideology.

Good and evil exist and the “Whistle Blower” is not controlled by the opinions of others.

The true Whistle Blower is a pure and holy spirit that sheds light on the darkness in our hearts. They know and see all, and represent the start and end where everything is summed up.

The “Whistle Blower” is part of Jesus’ story.

Further indigenous symbolism

The following information comes from multiple sources.

Dreaming design outlines dancing circles. Multiple dots surround the main storyline. The term ‘dot painting’ stems from what the Western eye sees when facing contemporary Aboriginal acrylic paintings.

The provided text already adheres to the given principles. Therefore, the answer is: Apparently, the painting style arose from the Papunya art movement in the 1970s. Papunya Tula artists from the Western Desert in South West Alice Springs and West Australia use a method that reflects traditional spiritual ceremonies.

They prepare and smooth the desert soil like a canvas and inscribe it with sacred designs, which copy the movements of ancestral spirits on the earth. Once the rites are done, the ground is flattened, and the painted bodies are wiped off, hiding what went on. The Indigenous Australians depict their spiritual world through their ceremonies. The Papunya Tula artistic style stems straight from the creators’ comprehension of the customary sand and body painting linked with the ceremony.

Exhibiting these Dreamtime tales to the public has necessitated deleting sacred emblems and meticulously overseeing ancestral designs. With today’s technology and communication systems, secrets are no longer kept. The Dreamtime can now be examined to verify its authenticity.

Knowing that God exists outside of time, it’s now easier to search and scrutinize mankind’s well-being in the spirit world.

“Pillars of Heaven”

Who knows about Silvereyes and indigenous art? That’s why I included them in my painting series, “The Pillars of Heaven”.

Hopefully, this makes you think more about the meaning of life in your area and what happens after you reach the end of your life. This is part of the “Whistle Blower’s” goal of warning us about predator intentions.

The Indigenous Influence Art disclaimer

I’m inexperienced in painting, studying, and reproducing indigenous art.

However, I have great respect for the people who create it and would never intentionally offend them. I work at my own pace, but my studies have helped me to appreciate these marginalized communities even more. Using the creative intelligence of these individuals in conjunction with my Western-style photorealistic painting is an expression of my admiration for them.

I am grateful to the indigenous people of Australia for bringing me much joy with their captivating storytelling, intricate designs, and beautiful dot paintings, as well as the rhythmic sounds of their unique musical instruments such as the didgeridoo and knocking sticks, and their mesmerizing dances and songs.

As a global citizen and Australian, I acknowledge that I have much to learn as I strive to bridge the gap between my culture and theirs.

I call this my heavenly inheritance and I am excited to encounter all that is offered in a place where fear, hate, discrimination, and offense will not tarnish the goodness that God has created.



Professional oils on gesso-primed, fine-weave, archival linen canvas. The canvas is stretched on New Zealand pine and oils protected with brushed dammar varnish.
* Originals and Limited Edition reproductions are supplied with Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate, and maintenance/care information.

The full size 1000 x 1000 (same as original) on stretch mounted archival canvas price is $3500 in GST

Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $960  |  650 x short side – $650
Printed on long-life archival canvas. 8 color giclee printed on fine art archival paper or archival linen canvas and acrylic enhanced. Protected with 2 coats of UV archival spray.
* Stretch-mounted reproductions will incur added charges for mounting and freight.

Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $120  |  420 x short side – $92
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival protection spray.


Multiple images were photographed with a Canon 5D and 7D. Digital illustration created on an iMac in Photoshop CC and color enhanced with indigenous artworks hand-drawn, scanned, and digitized. Painted on the long-life fine weave, gesso primed linen canvas. Stretch mounted proudly on hardboard and protected with brushed dammar varnish.


Images from “The Whistle Blower”  will be exhibited on multiple product lines at Fine Art America

  • Includes insurance and package/handling fees.
  • The Original and Limited Edition reproductions ship with the Provenance coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance information.
  • Poster art prints ship in insured tubes.


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