“Women’s fashion art gallery. Women’s fashion art LaFesta

Modern technologies make custom ladies’ and men’s fashion art available at the click of a button. Women’s fashion art LaFesta

La Festaintroduces to the streets of the world fine quality wearable art as fashionable garments. You get to speak “La Festa’s” appreciation of our God-given wonders in this glorious creation.

Wherever your good body walks “La Festa’” fashion art gallery exhibits Ian’s art on chests, arms, legs, backsides, necks, and heads talking “La Festa”, “The Feast” of visual delights. It speaks, “Look at me, I am a wonder in it all”.

La Festa”  fashion art includes women’s and men’s apparel, fashionable streetwear, household furnishings, decor, accessories, and jewelry.

Ian’s story and why “LaFesta”?

The garments exhibit Ian’s storytelling love of creation through oil painting, photographic, traditional, and digital illustration showcasing fine artworks embedded with poetic allegory and metaphor.

Ian’s beliefs changed when he was transformed through trance-like visions in 1973, 1995, and alongside numerous extraterrestrial dreams, these events would easily be mistaken as out-of-body experiences. Words will not do justice to the effect they had on his life.

Ian’s experience created a deep hunger to know how the supernatural world affects our physical world and begged the question, “What is the relevance of life in our daily pursuits, and was there a deeper purpose in being an artist”?

Ian’s artworks and poetry reflect his search for truth (in all things) and being awakened to the supernatural gave Ian an extra dimension to his creativity when he realized he lives in an extraordinary universe overarched by the spiritual world in which the creator of all dwells.

It’s Ian’s desire to create inspired works revealing these insights infused with the creator’s image in all nuances. Hence, LaFesta! derived from the Italian word Festa (festival, celebration). The name fitted Ian’s desire to dress people with positive, uplifting, and colorful images embedded with metaphor.