Naked and Blind - A young mans sexual dilemma
Naked and Blind – The sexual dilemma of a young man lost in sexual fantacy





NAKED AND BLIND – The journey of a young males sexual dilemma 2


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NAKED AND BLIND – The journey of the young male sexual dilemma 2 The Poem confused male sexuality

POEM The Poem confused male sexuality

You took a man to the precipice of hell
Sweetened with desire
Candy to a hungry heart
Dreams followed
The man’s secret
A forbidden fire
And apart

Do not tell

His heart
Full of questions to ask
The desire to know
Would it last
With a rush of pleasure
Through the air 
He thought your wisdom
Should surely care
Darkness darkness
And there
Isolated despair


Multiple years
Guilt and shame
Chained in pleasure
Wept for eyes to see
Bitter tears
Stole his leisure
He could not let it be
Depression in stolen lies
Never good enough
Spoke the family tree


But no illusion
Rescued by the blood of divine intrusion
His friend
Reached into the dark
Placed your hand
Within his heart
Truth’s justice
Now free to tell
You the lover
Opened his eyes
The portals of separation
Gods desire
Rescues from hell


THE STORY confused male sexuality

Like the pencil illustration, about a boy who as a man reflected on a childhood experience he had with a fellow pupil.

Two years before the experience his brother introduced him to a pornography magazine in a household where parents read sexually explicit love story novels. The novels were hidden in bedroom cupboards which indicated an adult world of shame. This was his only memory of sex education.

At the age of 12, a fellow pupil introduced him to sexual fantasies played out in masturbation and male-to-male sexual abuse. The cocktail of emotions, pleasure, fear, guilt, and shame that flooded his heart, lived as a shaming secret into adulthood. Alongside his experience, the standard male-dominated schoolyard and workplace jokes about sex followed him further confusing his male identity.

His masculinity had been tampered with and his character was weakened behind the barrier of shame-building lies.

Unfortunately, all the joking and laughter did not quiet the shame he felt from the experience of an awakened desire but temporary pleasure. The Poem 

His story goes like this

The fear, shame, and isolation experienced triggered this young man to go on a journey.

He searched through, books, councilors, misguided opinions from friends, pornography, philosophers, religions, and the drug culture. They all promised knowledge of freedom but to no avail. That was until he met a Jewish man called Jesus.

Jesus taught him about the terror of shameful secrets and fear that comes with sexual abuse. Jesus offered him a new start to life.

The young man, like multitudes of others, who found it hard to trust discovered someone was capable of setting him free from the nightmares and associated bitterness of betrayal he lived.

Of all options presented, he persevered and came to trust the trustworthy Jewish man, and learning the truth about the wonder of sexuality he started a new life. The Poem confused male sexuality

The shame and guilt had been exposed, and the fear confronted. The secret was out, and he could live the life of a man with peace of mind.

He discovered why the shamed secret life of a troubled man or woman cannot fulfill the dream of true love, sexuality, trust, and tenderness within a relationship when they are ashamed of their own body functions.

No matter what the reason or philosophy that loads shame on broken sexuality this young man’s conscience was made new after discovering sex was created to be a wonderful pleasure with a clean conscience.

Hope for all

I found his story to be healthy, honest, and liberating and because of his transparency, I make this observation.

Fortunately, he found the truth about sexuality. The past failures can be righted to live the good life hoped for before he died. There is hope for anyone trapped in the cycle of guilt, shame, and fear about the secrets of a broken heart and the link between physical sexual pleasure and the mind.

That boy has since died a natural death but his legacy has been left in the unashamed story of this poem, all be it within the brevity of this text which has made it known. I have his permission to tell the story.


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