Hate faced Heron's fishing photo art Corrugated garden art by ian Anderson.
White Faced Herons. A patient lesson from 2 friends








PATIENCE WILL BE REWARDED – Herons with a lesson or two


Full Description

PATIENCE WILL BE REWARDED – Herons with a lesson or two. Heron’s fishing photo art


For diligent observers
If you wait for what you do not see
Faith waits for it with patience
Therein dwells peace and gratitude


The inspiration came as I was walking along the Mahurangi River next to my studio in Warkworth, New Zealand. Heron’s fishing photo art

The day before I watched a Grey Heron patiently waiting for its whitebait meal, (New Zealand word for young hatchling fish) swimming upstream.

There was a pattern in their patience stimulating me to return the next day with a camera on a tripod to photograph the story. I had envisaged creating a painting with the flow of out-of-focus running water in the background.

I knew this was possible. The heron was extremely still while the water rushed downstream over the waterfall in the background. What a bonus the next day he brought his mate doubling my inspiration with this unique shot.

A Lesson Learned

Similar to the story in “The Kingfishers 1 and 2“, the lesson I have learned is patience while waiting for good things to come my way.

I choose to do the right thing according to the circumstances in which I find myself.

This is very much an active participation, exercising my faith in the Divine Law as written in The Constitution from Heaven.

The maker of the instincts in these birds reflects the wisdom in all things made. On this day I saw patience without stress and fear.

I hope you understand my insight here, for it gives me greater peace and freedom to enjoy and be grateful for what is before me. Like the heron in this photo, I am learning to trust with patience that my food will come. Even though I cannot physically see it in advance I see it in the eye of my faith-filled imagination.

The heron had an inner knowing of the presence of food. It waited patiently.

The Metaphor in Nature

The heron should urge you to stop and look.

To meditate on God’s goodness as you build and wait in faith for your desired providence.

True patience, with gratitude, is deep rest, and if you exercise it with faith that God will supply all your needs according to His riches, stress won’t kill you and your reward will give you greater joy.

That means greater abundance in your life and less stress for those around you. Now that must be an attractive vision.

This story deserves to be displayed on interior walls in New York, LA, Paris, London, Auckland, and Sydney … wherever patience and inspiring art are appreciated.



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* The corrugated garden art was developed from some of the images in my book “The Joys of Matakana Coast and Country 1”.  Typed on an iPhone 5s and photographed with a Canon 5D Mark 1 and 7D.  Editing completed on a 27″ iMac in Photoshop CC.
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  • 2011ARTIVITA INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION (USA) PATIENCE 1″, (Multi Media photo art on canvas – 16th)
    Judges comments – Honorable mention
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