Mallard Duckling, photography by Ian Anderson.
The Mallard Ducklings. So cute. New life, a sense of innocence.










MALLARD DUCKLINGS 2 – New life and simple joys repeat


Full Description

MALLARD DUCKLING 1 – New life and simple joys. Mallard duckling wildlife photography


So cute
In the eyes of our parents
I was a cute newborn
Now older
But still cute 🙂


My studio is right on the Mahurangi River’s edge in central Warkworth and is the habitat of plenty of wildlife.

This means I get to see the playground’s visual stimuli and hearing sounds, eating habits, and mating habits from many species of Flora and Fauna. Sparrows, Ducks, Geese, Heron, Fantails, Kingfishers, Morepork, Tui, Song Thrush, Silver Eyes. Doves, Blackbirds, Mullet, White Bait. Eels, Wood Pigeon, Kaka, Seagulls, Blackjacked Gulls, Chaffinch, Eastern Rosella, Myna, Skylark. Tuatara, Skink, Shags, Rats, Cats, Dogs, and many homo sapiens of all races and breeds.

I marvel at all this from my studio window or wonderful riverside grade … under the sun, in the rain at night, or under the moonshine.

This small creature brings so much joy and pleasure. In my quiet observation, I find myself a wealthy person because I made time to stop and be grateful. It is rich to have nothing but gratitude. Mallard duckling wildlife photography

A Metaphor

While typing I’ve realized (likewise with “Mallard Ducklings 1”) how abundant this life is in all its fullness. If I am too busy to see this then perhaps I am too busy in the wrong pursuits.

My busyness is rooted in fear of having too little income to supply my needs. At times I live beyond my means and covet things I cannot afford while my youth passes into wrinkles.

Because I’ve put pressure on myself through unwise choices, the stress of owing money to others has made me chase my tail and the vanity of toys I don’t need. Mallard duckling wildlife photography

Reducing stress, doing without, and being grateful for the little things is giving me a healthier lifestyle.

Now I have more time for others, without the fear of having to do without.

I have more time to see and I can keep my youth in mind.

Even talking to the animals has given me a new respect for this planet, for God who made it, and for what He has told us about its future.

I rest in this knowledge.

Despite the collective mismanagement of our planet, it will not end as the visions of false prophets predict. Short-sighted prophets who see only the natural, without the counsel of heaven, will miss the mark.

Hard times are coming. After the cancer of evil has been purged, there will be new growth, new life, new vision, and a healthy planet. Read the Constitution and the insights recorded from Heaven. You will get the picture if you ask the Maker for the revelations He has already revealed.

This little duckling reflects the glory of our Manufacture, the wonders of which I am now unashamed to honor in all my artistic endeavors.


These little ducklings show the glory of our Maker, for whose wonders I am now unashamed to honor Him in all my artistic endeavors.

If I’m too busy to enjoy and share these simple delights before your eyes, then you miss out and if you’re too busy perhaps fear is keeping you from living heaven on earth.

Ask Jesus.

He knows very well how fear drove us to badly manage His creation and then lie to cover our secrets.

These little ducklings have no idea how twisted human thinking is, but they run for protection because they have inner knowledge. They can’t trust most of us to look after them so that they too can enjoy the sunshine that God gave them to enjoy.

We must earn their trust by the way we live. By exercising an attractive nature out of goodwill and mercy.

You can tell this story in New York or Paris and Beijing or Sydney, even to John Stewart, Barak Obama or Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Bashar Al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Angela Merkel, and maybe even your spiteful neighbor might enjoy its simple story because whatever the political, religious or philosophical boundaries in our cultures that make our hearts sing, we all get to play our songs on one planet under the watchful eye of its maker in heaven.



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