Oil painting - Ascension and the pearl of great price
Ascension and the Pearl of Great Price – A story about good news with a surreal supernatural truth







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ASCENSION AND THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE  Jesus Ascension oil painting

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The moment of Jesus Ascension has recently captivated my imagination. It was an extraordinary event, that startled both the birds, the disciples and consequently all of mankind.

I consider The Bible, which to be a divine constitution, containing the remarkable story of “Why Jesus”? and what’s gone wrong with mankind.

The concept pencil illustration can be viewed at this link. Jesus Ascension oil painting

The challenge and reasons

Painting this scene presented numerous challenges.   Jesus Ascension oil painting

I aimed to control the oils to achieve a mid-tone quality for the flesh and shape of His feet. This creates a more sensitive depiction of reality. I also included nail scars on His feet to enhance the painting. Although I cannot claim absolute accuracy in their positioning, understanding why this event occurred is more important than debating its specifics.

The inclusion of wildlife creates a sense of wonder and depicts the natural environment during Jesus’ ascension to heaven.

This element is necessary to counter religious superstitions and traditions that detach the event from reality.

The biblical account portrays a natural event with supernatural significance. Those who witnessed the death of Jesus and the shedding of His blood on earth consider it an inestimable treasure, and the implications are mysterious and awe-inspiring. Anyone who has truly experienced spiritual rebirth will testify to this amazing phenomenon.

The “Pearl of Great Price”

This work is significant for the earth, every nation, city, and village. It reflects a story that God made ready for us to discover. The missing link for mankind’s reconciliation and true peace is God’s son, Jesus. The name ‘The Pearl of Great Price’ reflects God’s view of His son as precious. Jesus Ascension oil painting

The Symbolism

Each elements symbolic wisdom in the story.

  • Wine – Of wealth, and the blood of the legal covenant embodies the wealth of the King’s realm.
  • Fire – The cleansing and in His presence.
  • Bread – Of life and sustenance. Jesus initiated the memory of breaking bread prior to His death.
  • Rock – The symbol of character, resilience, truth, and strength.
  • Pillars – Pillars are symbols of strength and truth. Built on the tenants of construction, wisdom pillars only maintain strength on good foundations.
  • Earth – God created the earth and gave it to mankind (male and female having equal dominion) to enjoy and have wise dominion over.
  • The Gold Chain and Ring –  A symbol of royalty, embodying the wealth of the manufacturer’s Kingdom wisdom, and personal approval when applied.
  • The Pearl – Symbolises not only wealth but also the great price paid for those who are willing to seek out the mysteries of Heaven on Earth. This revelation eagerly awaits on the other side, ready to be communicated by the King to His earthly realm.
  • Tall Ship – I often wondered how I came across this extraordinary tale.The book was introduced to the Western world through sailing ships from various European countries, including Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Italy, Portugal, and Holland. The journey, however, started years earlier with a vision received by a Jewish missionary named Paul. Paul, as Jesus’ apostle, initially wanted to preach about Jesus in Asian Minor. He did this with great fervour and passion. Guided by the Spirit of God, he set out on a new path and travelled to Greece. Jesus’ message quickly spread throughout the Roman Empire and eventually reached Europe. It wasn’t until the invention of the printing press that the message could be spread worldwide.
The common man and the printing press

During the industrial revolution, the Gutenberg printing press revolutionised the sharing of information. King James 1 played a pivotal role in this by commissioning the printing of the Bible in the common language of his time. This decision marked a significant shift from the earlier church’s practice of limiting access to knowledge by allowing only clergy to read in Latin. King James understood the significance of enabling individuals to read and interpret scripture independently, which promoted unity within the church.

The spread of printed books, including the Bible, expanded as British influence grew across nations, providing people from different parts of the world with access to these invaluable texts.

During my personal research and exploration of these pages, I experienced a profound sense of mystery and enlightenment. The text captures a beautiful journey depicted in a surreal oil painting parable.

This painting invites viewers to embark on their own intellectual and spiritual journey.

Gutenberg and King James 1

During the industrial revolution Gutenberg’s printing press revolutionised the way information was shared. King James 1 played a pivotal role by commissioning the printing of the Bible in the common language of his time. This decision marked a significant shift from the earlier church’s practice of allowing only clergy to read in Latin, which limited access to knowledge for the common man. King James saw the importance of empowering individuals to read and interpret scripture for themselves, promoting unity within the church.

As British influence expanded across nations, so did the spread of printed books, including the Bible. This allowed people from different parts of the world to have access to these invaluable texts.

In my personal research and exploration of these pages, I discovered a profound sense of mystery and enlightenment. The journey depicted within these texts is captured beautifully in this surreal oil painting parable, inviting viewers to embark on their own intellectual and spiritual journey.

A Unique Story

The story of God and the Kingdom of Heaven is a captivating mystery. It is beyond our natural understanding. I long to have my eyes opened to the revelations of Heaven and as I uncover its secrets, I am eager to share its story. Heaven remains eternal and holds the spiritual essence of life while everything in this world has an expiration date.

To enter this heavenly realm, we must be born again.

It is astonishing that the freedom and peace of Heaven have always been available to us on Earth. Those who met Jesus have experienced a deep sense of peace in their hearts and will attest to how good and faithful God is.

The Constitution and the counterfeit

Heaven has established a Constitution for the well-being of Earth. According to Gods decree, a man who could not be corrupted had to bear the penalty of an unjust death to redeem us burdened by death’s sentence. Darkness arises from the corruption within human hearts and deceit personified by malevolent supernatural beings. God is bring all the issues to light.

Demons manipulate darkness and can never offer true peace. This is evident in all political, religious, and philosophical ideologies. Mankind’s hunger to find what we have been missing since the fall and separation from God’s amazing goodness has led to counterfeit beliefs.


The key to achieving lasting peace is through embracing Jesus Christ.

Jesus, who was of Mesopotamian descent from modern-day Iraq and of Jewish heritage, fulfilled the requirements of the Constitution through His sacrificial death. He then ascended back to Heaven through the clouds.

Due to Jesus trustworthiness He is granted authority to rule over all creation and influence our earthly affairs. We are His chosen ambassadors, called to carry on His good work with confidence. Our power lies in setting captives free, healing the sick, and ridding society of evil spirits. By doing so, we bring reconciliation and peace of heart and mind to all whom He loves.

Experiencing personal healing and wholeness transforms us into more industrious individuals who prioritize the well-being of our neighbors with renewed compassion. This transformation also elevates our dedication to our planet’s welfare.

The manufacturers plan

Reconciliation is always an option, even after suffering the consequences of our own ignorance. Unfortunately, we often deny ourselves the help we need. However, amazing peace and freedom await us if we open ourselves up to the glory of heavenly existence.

Despite skepticism and mockery, this incredible experience is available to all who are willing to partake. The full redemption and restoration of our planet are eagerly waiting Jesus’ return. This is all part of the manufacturer’s plan, as prophesied. When we have learned what we need to and shown Him that we are ready, He will come to clean up our mess.

We have the privilege of accessing God’s wisdom and seeking heavenly guidance to see beyond what our natural minds perceive.

Aged cracks

This painting displays small cracks in the paint from being painted over an earlier image. This effect adds an intriguing element of mystery, almost aging the painting beyond its years.

Listening to divine guidance and following it faithfully can lead to incredible events. This story holds immense value not only in its historical context but also in how it speaks directly to our souls today.

BTW, a huge scar on my right hand became the sample to paint the scars in Jesus’ feet.



Painted with professional oils on the fine weave, gesso primed cotton canvas for long-life integrity. The canvas is stretched on New Zealand pine and protected with brushed dammar varnish.
* Original and Limited Edition reproductions are supplied with Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate, and maintenance/care information.

The full size 990 x 1170 (same as original) on stretch mounted archival canvas price is $3500 +GST

Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $960  |  650 x short side – $650
Printed on long-life archival canvas. Protected with two coats of UV archival spray.
* Stretch mounted reproductions will incur added charges for mounting and freight.

Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $120
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival spray.


Images from “Ascension and The Pearl of Great Price” may be exhibited on multiple product lines at Fine Art America

  • Includes insurance and package/handling fees.
  • The Original and Limited Edition reproductions ship with the Provenance coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance information.
  • Poster art prints ship in insured tubes.


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