Oil painting - Ascension and the pearl of great price
Ascension and the Pearl of Great Price – A story about good news with a surreal supernatural truth







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ASCENSION AND THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE – Jesus Ascension oil painting

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The wonder of Jesus Ascension captured my imagination when He left the earth. That was not a normal action. I’m sure the birds were as startled when His feet cast the dust of the earth off as were the disciples. The Bible (Heavens Constitution) records Jesus’ story. Jesus Ascension oil painting

A pencil illustration of the concept may be viewed at this link. Jesus Ascension oil painting

The challenge and reasons

The challenges in the painting were many. More particularly controlling the oils for a mid-tone quality for the flesh and shape of the feet. This was to give a more sensitive feel to reality. I have added nail scars to His feet. I cannot say how right I have been with the positioning, I was not there on the day of His crucifixion. Why this happened (my opinion), is more important to know and not arguing over how.

Adding the wildlife was for a sense of joy and pleasure. I deemed it necessary, to overrule the way religious superstition and tradition made the event so out of touch. The truth recorded was a natural event with supernatural reality. For those who have seen the mystery of Jesus’ death and blood spilled on earth this wonder has become a precious commodity. The implications of the event are as mysterious as they are wondrous. Every person on earth, who has been truly born again of the Spirit, will testify of this wonder.

The “Pearl of Great Price”

So be it, this work has significance for the earth, for every nation, for every city, for every village because it reflects a story God made ready for us to discover. The missing link for mankind’s reconciliation and true peace is God’s son Jesus. Hence the name, “The Pearl of Great Price”, because God sees His son as precious. Jesus Ascension oil painting

The Symbolism

Each element is symbolic of this story.

  • Wine – The symbol of wealth, and the blood of the legal covenant embodies the wealth of the King’s realm.
  • Fire – The symbol of cleansing and His presence.
  • Bread – Is a symbol of life and sustenance. Jesus initiated the memory of breaking bread prior to His death.
  • Rock – The symbol of character, resilience, truth, and strength.
  • Pillars – Pillars are symbols of truth. Built on the tenants of construction wisdom pillars maintain strength on good foundations.
  • wisdom.Wonders of creation and the master’s hand in design and manufacture.
  • Earth – God created the earth and gave it to man (male and female having equal dominion) to enjoy and have dominion over.
  • The Gold Chain and Ring –  A symbol of royalty, embodying the wealth of the manufacturer’s Kingdom and personage.
  • The Pearl – A symbol of wealth and the great price already paid for those willing to seek out the mystery of Heaven on Earth. The revelation is waiting on the other side in the communication of the parable from the King to His realm on earth.
  • Tall Ship – I questioned how I came to know this story. I read a book introduced to the western world on sailing ships (tall ship) from Great Britton, Spain, Portugal and. The journey started years earlier with a vision a Jewish missionary named Paul received. Paul was a passionate Apostle who desired to go and preach Jesus in Asian Minor. The Spirit of God pointed to Paul another way. He was obedient to the interpretation of the vision and sailed across the ditch to Greece. From Greece, the news of Jesus spread to Rome, through Europe, and onto Great Britain.
The common man and the printing press

The printing press is an invention of the industrial revolution. King James 1 had a bright spark moment when he commissioned printing the Bible into the common language of his day. Prior to his printing, the earlier church, in its ignorance, allowed only the clergy (priests) to read in Latin. The common man could not do their own research and was therefore vulnerable to misinterpretation. This attitude was changing. King James printed his version in trying to unite factions in the church. He wanted the common man to read the story for themselves.

In the days of the expansion of the British empire, the book traveled along with the first believers to other nations.

When doing my own research the mystery in the pages came alive to me. The revelation of that journey, you now view in this surreal oil painting parable.

A Unique Story

God’s story defies natural comprehension and the Kingdom of Heaven is a mystery. I would like my eyes to be opened to Heaven’s revelation. As the secrets unfold I tell the story. Everything has a use-by date. Heaven is eternal and the spiritual dimension of life. We must be born again to enter heaven. What amazes me is that the freedom and peace of Heaven have always been available to earth. For those of us who have experienced this in our hearts and lives will truly say, “How good and faithful He really is, and always has been”.

Heaven has a Constitution or Ordinance for the earth’s welfare. This deemed that a man, without corruption, had to die the penalty of an unjust death. This was to redeem all those under the penalty of death. Darkness, a perversion of man’s heart, and the deceit personified by lying supernatural beings needed to be addressed. The supernatural beings (called demons) control this darkness and can never give peace. The peace we want comes in Jesus.


Jesus was a Jew from the lineage of a family from Mesopotamia (Modern day Iraq) and is recorded as having satisfied the demands of the Constitution via his death. In doing so He then returned through the clouds to the supernatural Heaven.

Because of His trustworthiness and act of obedience to the Constitution ordinance, He has given Heavens power of attorney. He has passed it onto us to influence our affairs on earth under Heaven’s watchful eye. For those called to be His ambassadors on earth, His exhortation is to continue His good work with authority to set captives free, heal the sick, and cast out evil spirits. This brings reconciliation and peace of heart and mind to mankind He loves. This means when we become healed and whole we will be more industrious and look after our neighbors with new care.

The manufacturers plan

We have all suffered the consequences of our own ignorance, privately and publicly, and yet before our eyes reconciliation has always been available since His death. On the whole, we are too stubborn to admit we need help so we miss out on His wonder. There amazing peace and freedom to experience on earth today when you are alive to heavenly glory. Even among skepticism and mockery the fact is still the same, it’s available to all who want to partake.

All creation is waiting for Jesus’ return and our earth’s full redemption. As prophesied, this is according to the manufacturer’s plan. His soon return, to fix up our mess, will come when we have learned and He knows we are ready.

We have free access to God’s counsel and can ask for heaven’s advice to open our eyes and see what our natural minds cannot see.

Aged cracks

Mounted proud of the frame, this painting has small cracks in the paint due to painting over an earlier image. This effect somehow adds to the mystery and almost ages the painting beyond its years.



ORIGINAL FOR SALE  * Bid or tender for the original artwork. All offers considered around $12,000 
Painted with professional oils on the fine weave, gesso primed cotton canvas for long-life integrity. The canvas is stretched on New Zealand pine and treated with brushed dammar varnish protection.
* Original and Limited Edition reproductions are supplied with Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate, and maintenance/care information.

The full size 990 x 1170 (same as original) on stretch mounted archival canvas price is $3500 in GST

Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $960  |  650 x short side – $650
Printed on long-life archival canvas. Protected with two coats of UV archival spray.
* Stretch mounted reproductions will incur added charges for mounting and freight.

Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $120
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival spray.


Images from “Ascension and The Pearl of Great Price” is planned to be exhibited on Women’s Fashions through Vida and multiple product lines at Fine Art America

  • Includes insurance and package/handling fees.
  • The Original and Limited Edition reproductions ship with the Provenance coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance information.
  • Poster art prints ship in insured tubes.


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