Willy Wagtail and its family in the nest and indigenous story in a pendant
The Family Affair – Willy Wagtails in a bedroom at the art gallery

The Sentinel – a family affair – Willy Wagtail and the pendant


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Willy Wagtail and the Pendant –
The Sentinal, an indigenous expression
illy Wagtail artisan pendant

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In my sister’s garden in Jurien Bay, Western Australia, the Willy Wagtails constructed their nest for free. Witnessing this was captivating and stirred up many symbolic parallels to the concept of family and home. I struggled to articulate the profundity of the experience.

The artwork that came about after this encounter is a deep expression of that particular moment, merging my view as someone who isn’t Indigenous with the spellbinding storytelling method of Indigenous Australian dot painting. I couldn’t stop picturing how Aboriginal artists would use dots to portray a tale similar to this, while I painted it using hyper-realistic photography.

  • Metaphor in the family – A sentinel in the bloodline

In the metaphor of Willy Wagtail, I want to highlight the importance of the human family. The family plays an essential role in shaping our lives and creating a supportive environment for children to grow.

Every lesson that parents pass on to their descendants has a long-lasting impact on our time on earth. We can teach values that can either elevate or degrade life. We can either nurture negative qualities such as bitterness, greed, selfishness, and prejudice, or choose positive virtues like kindness, forgiveness, wisdom, and selflessness that contribute to the greater good. Furthermore, the Willy Wagtail artisan pendant is a beautiful creation to behold.

The God-loving children comprehend the impact of evil and injustice and possess the ability to distance themselves from these negative forces. They stand up against them because unchecked evil may destroy what is good in humankind.

By teaching our children positive thinking and giving them nourishing food for their bodies and minds, while also instilling attitudes of respect for the creator of all families, we guarantee that upcoming generations will possess a sturdy moral foundation.

Inside our homes, a setting is created for siblings to learn through examples, by expressing words that embody wise, loving, and peaceful sentiments. On the other hand, a hostile environment infused with animosity, hatred, and anxiety will only prolong negative patterns.

Imagine instead a painting showcasing two different cultures embracing values of love, understanding, joy, peace, and wisdom. This harmonious co-existence conforms with God’s initial plan rather than fostering bigotry and intolerance.

Realism meets Dreamtime

I have a strong passion for my chosen art form, which combines photorealism, metaphor, surrealism, and humor. I take inspiration from the bright and simple colors used in Aboriginal art. My goal is to merge these two mediums, creating connections between our shared storytelling traditions and ancestry.

Through my work, I promote the belief that we are all part of one race, united under a single sky. We may have diverse cultural backgrounds, but we all wear different colored coats that represent our unique identities. My artwork aims to honor this cultural diversity and encourage peaceful coexistence among people. Willy Wagtail artisan pendant

My use of the artisans’ pendant

It’s amazing how our imagination creates a story from ordinary objects. I chose a pendant to represent an indigenous tale that only exists in the imagination. 

The pendant holds a symbolic story waiting to be uncovered going deep into the essence of life where pure intentions fuel creative expression. 

Imagine curious hearts coming together with loved ones, a home, a bedroom, and meals shared around a table. See the young seeking guidance and knowledge from their elders, gathered around this precious gem of deep wisdom.

In Aboriginal symbolism, “U” stands for a person while the smaller “u” signifies innocent childhood. The dotted lines illustrate journey tracks – paths between events or bloodlines connecting families.

As loved ones gather around wise elders, wisdom passes down through generations, keeping family narratives alive.

Creative mysteries

Our creative work solves mysteries and brings contentment to our lives. That’s why I picked a pendant to represent the family’s story; it rests over their hearts. This continues to be a treasured inheritance for each new member of the family.

The teachings from heaven give meaning, continuity, and identity to cultures that speak from their hearts. Once these secret truths are revealed, they bring peace that cannot be explained and magnify their cultural importance.

This story transcends cultural, racial, spiritual, religious, and political boundaries.

Embedded within these wise councils are vows of liberty and tranquillity – commitments made by those who created these pendants. With each revelation drawn from this jewel, fresh marvels and glimpses of unimagined beauty are uncovered.

The Indigenous Influence Art disclaimer

My efforts to paint, study, and recreate indigenous art are humble but heartfelt. I have no intention of showing disrespect to the people whom I adore. From “The Sentinal” my Willy Wagtail artisan pendant is my best attempt to date to capture their story.

These endeavors have enlightened me with deep admiration for marginalized individuals. I respect them by borrowing from their creative intellect to blend with my Western culture’s photorealism paintings.

As an Australian citizen, I feel privileged to enjoy the indigenous people’s entertaining storytelling and artistic prowess in dot painting.

These talented people also make music using rhythmic sounds from the didgeridoos, knocking sticks, and songmakers, and display traditional dances.

I believe they are a valuable part of our heritage, and I look forward to learning more about their culture as I cross the bridge of understanding from my own.

My Godly inheritance and * disclaimer

I am full of optimism as I look forward to the remarkable contributions of Aboriginal culture in heaven. There, we will encounter a space devoid of fear, hatred, prejudice, or offense – a place where God’s creations, including Indigenous cultures, are celebrated.

God’s wisdom will illuminate the virtues of each culture and we will appreciate their abundance untarnished by superstition, fear, or partiality.

* Some may argue that I should avoid incorporating Aboriginal influences in my art as a show of respect for their sacred culture. However, I believe that my art is just as sacred and I am entitled to explore any inspiration that moves me, just like my indigenous family is free to express themselves without limitations.

I aim to honor all forms of artistic expression by integrating any source of creativity that ignites my work. Through it all, I am grateful to God for the immense diversity He has granted us.

I believe we should unreservedly celebrate each other’s unique stories and diversity while wholeheartedly seeking genuine love for one another, without any trace of racial arrogance or competition, irrespective of our skin color.

BTW, Aboriginal people often refer to white people as “whitefellas”. In Australian Kriol, “waitbala”



Painted with professional oils, on gesso-primed long-life linen canvas with gloss dammar protection.
* Originals and Limited Edition reproductions are supplied with Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate, and maintenance/care information.

The full size 920 x 1220 (same as original) on stretch mounted archival canvas price is $2250 inc GST
A master acrylic artist will digitally recreate the original painting and use hand-painted brushstrokes to replicate the original painting.

Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $960|  650 x short side – $650
Printed on long-life archival canvas. 8 color giclee printed on fine art archival paper or archival linen canvas and acrylic enhanced. Protected with 2 coats of UV archival spray.
* Stretch-mounted reproductions will incur added charges for mounting and freight.

Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $120 |  420 x short side – $92
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival protection spray.


Some images from “A Family Affair” will be exhibited on multiple product lines at Fine Art America

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  • The Original and Limited Edition reproductions ship with the Provenance-coded Authentication of the Sale Certificate and maintenance information.
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