Orange-breasted Myzomela (Honeyeater)





DAWN CHORUS 1 – The Fiji Connection


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DAWN CHORUS 1 – The Fiji Connection.
Fiji Orange-breasted Honeyeater

Dawn chorus
Mercies new
Come every morning


While waiting for a friend in Suva, Fiji, I observed this Orange-breasted Myzomela (Honeyeater) and his friends flying into a Hibiscus tree looking for a feed. Not dissimilar to the passion of a child salivating at seeing the McDonald’s sign whilst traveling in their parent’s vehicle. The delight for food upon observation of the goal, hence, patience will be rewarded whilst looking for the next feed. No need to worry when we know it’s there somewhere.

The Lessons Learnt:

The lessons I have learned from this image are the same as in “PATIENCE – The diligent observer in Fiji”. No matter what the circumstance is, options/choices will present themselves for us to act upon, creating interesting additions to the pleasures already in our lives. There is absolutely no reason to be bored when so much is happening around us. Because of this, I am grateful to the master of all creation.

Boredom is an unproductive and mismanaged way to live but can be overcome with the help of a caring friend. Every single thing created has a purpose and when we don’t understand the purpose of something we will abuse it. Watching and teaching yourself to see with a grateful heart is one of the reasons Jesus came to earth, to teach us how to trust and have dominion over our appetites. He never came to start a religion. But to set us free from our ignorance and learn about His Government on earth by delivering us from our self-righteous approach to destroying His wonder, and in doing so, causing the grief we experience without Him.

See and Observe:

Also, if we are too busy to stop and see, then we are too busy. If we are too busy to stop and be grateful, then we are too busy. If we slow down and take His instruction to heart, “Do not worry about where your food and clothing come from. Don’t you know, worrying will not make it come any quicker”, then we can live in the freedom of that moment to see all the real wonder that is round about us …. all the time.

Worry has fear in it and fear blinds us so we do not see what is beautiful and praiseworthy. It has been, and is said, “To God be the Glory”. I will echo that with all of my heart. When I see little creatures like this, their heartbeats, their bright eyes, their flight patterns, the physical, chemical and biological structures within the living and learn about their habits and purposes, I am totally enthralled by the wonder. I sometimes cannot contain the emotion that wells up in the revelation of truth.

That is what I live for, to see, see, inspire and tell the story as it comes to me. A good ambassador in a foreign country can only represent what the King tells him, and this little creature pollinated flowers to produce the fruit we eat for our physical sustenance upon this earth and their chirping is music to my spirit.

The Display:

I think because of the beauty in this work it should go on display in the interiors of homes from Suva to New York, Paris, London, Dubai or Sydney. Wherever good taste has an appreciation.

Not only a beautiful work of art but the proverb written with its intention is a heartfelt inspiration to meditate upon as a guideline toward peace in your own heart no matter where you are on the planet. God has given you a wonderful world to live and play in and within the vision of this work is a spiritual journey with religious intention. Look at what God has given you to enjoy.




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