Rainbows end, under the clouds, in a display of wonder.





UNDER THE FIRMAMENT 1 – The simple glory


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UNDER THE FIRMAMENT 1 – The simple glory
Rainbows cloud God-light


From the heart of faith
Eyes wide open
When you see
Firmament speaks volumes
Hidden in wisdom’s secret
God’s creative genius is the key 


Looking out of the plane window on the way to Fiji, I marveled at many things. Words cannot describe its beauty. The earth’s curvature, the mystery of the sky, the effect of the sun heating our planet and the wonder of life under the clouds is a marvel.

Who do I thank for all this? Why … God of course! He is outside of time in the supernatural world. Rainbows cloud God-light

I once heard a contemporary photographer describe a sunburst as ‘The God-light’. He didn’t believe in God but I understand his sentiments. When I consider it, somewhere in all of us is knowing that something eternal and beyond comprehension is enticing us to discover. Something greater than today for which philosophers, religious dogmas, scientists, and even atheists hunger to know. In a sense, it’s wanting to live and know why. The hunger to belong to a known purpose, a fascination with what our eyes see and how did it all begin?

We all have an opinion and a story to tell, whether for good or evil, but we are mortal, and many ask, “Is there an immortal?

The ancient prophet

An ancient prophet has written from a revelation he had, “God has put the knowledge of eternity within the heart of man, but without them knowing of the beginning and the end”.

Our fascination with outer space, the Hubble probe, inner space, Kinesin motor proteins, prehistoric Dinosaurs, or closer to home, our sexuality reveals a hunger for knowledge. We know misguided political, religious, and economic agendas are corrupt but we kill on both sides because we are self-righteous. With opposing views, under the same sun on the same planet, we are our own worst enemies.

The Simple Glory

In this image, the story “The Simple Glory” has been written. This wonder speaks to me. There are glories to be discovered all over the earth. Don’t give up in your search, because God has made it this way. This reflects the glory of our manufacturer, the wonders of which I am now unashamed to honor Him for, in all of my artistic endeavors. Rainbows cloud God-light

Please tell this story in London or Paris and Beijing or Sydney, maybe even your spiteful neighbor might enjoy its simple story because no matter what political, religious, or philosophical opinions in our cultures make our hearts sing, we all get to play our songs on a planet under the watchful eye of our producer in heaven.

If we are not living in heaven on earth, ask Jesus. He knows full well how fear drove us to kill him and then lie to cover our secrets and fears. Mankind’s thinking is twisted. We run for protection because we have an inner knowledge, and don’t trust most of us to look after us. Mankind wants to freely enjoy the planet God gave us to play on but most of us are not willing to humble ourselves and seek His face for His wisdom.

We have to earn our trust in the way we live by exercising an attractive nature out of goodwill and mercy. Something God can give you … “If you dare ask”.

When eyes are opened to heaven you see much more in this story than beautiful colors. For me, it’s a wonder so hard to fathom and I look forward to the day when I have a face-to-face with its founder and get to enjoy His meal of favor in eternity.

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This photo art should be on any wall in New York, Paris, China, New Zealand, Australia, or anywhere the art is appreciated for home decoration.



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Printed on long-life archival canvas and protected with two coats of UV archival protection spray.
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We offer varying prices and sizes from | 400 round to 1500 x 820 (including frond sculpture and solar lighting)
Printed on specially treated small corrugation roof metal and high-pressure water cut to shape. Treated with a UV varnish for long-life protection.
* The corrugated garden art was developed from some of the images in my book “The Joys of Matakana Coast and Country 1”.  Typed on an iPhone 5s and photographed with a Canon 5D Mark 1 and 7D.  Editing completed on a 27″ iMac in Photoshop CC.
* Add-ons include rusted Core10 frond support and solar lighting for outdoors.


Multiple images photographed with a Canon 5D and 7D, color-enhanced digital illustration created on an iMac in Photoshop CC. Painted on fine-weave, gesso-primed linen canvas for long-life integrity. Stretch mounted proudly on hardboard and protected with brushed dammar varnish.


Some images from “Corrugated Garden Art” are exhibited on Women’s Fashions and multiple product lines at Fine Art America

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