Skink Lizard, photography by Ian Anderson.
Skink lizard printed on canvas or corrugated iron














A LIZARD CALLED SKINK – Trusted company as reproduction art


Full Description

A LIZARD CALLED SKINK – Trusted Company  Skink Lizard corrugated art


Something you earn
The knowledge you learn  Skink Lizard corrugated art


This skink (lizard) earned my affection when it hitched a ride on my camera bag to the Mahurangi West, Te Muri tack, Cudlip Point Walk/Cycleway for a trial bike photo shoot.

The hitchhiker took the opportunity to seek some extra warmth when I put the camera back on the footpath while I loaded the Gear. When I moved the bag to put it in my car, it scampered into one of the bag pockets for shelter.

I was testing my new bike, loaded with camping gear on a new Pania career and camera gear in my special camera backpack.

Fast forward to Mahurangi West at Cudlip Point and Te Muri Beach, where I discovered him in the boot of my car. I didn’t have the heart to leave him in an unfamiliar area so I carefully placed him in a plastic container for the journey back to the studio.

My reaction was that I knew he had a family close to my studio and I didn’t know how the separation would have affected him. I’m not omniscient about the habits of creatures, but I do care, and not as a greenie per se, but as a caring person, I don’t like to see anything suffer unnecessarily.

Because God cares, I am learning to care with His attention to detail. He has made everything precious to Him unless it was full of evil and arrogantly proud.

A little cathartic experience in this story

Writing this story brought back a childhood memory. Skink Lizard corrugated art

Have you ever been verbally abused?

I am sure you have! I remember, when I was 12 years old, going to see a film about a little dog with my friends and crying because of a scene in which the dog was hurt. Some of my friends mocked me for being a sissy (embedded misogyny) and I didn’t understand why. Isn’t it natural (or should it be) to empathize with something else in pain?

I was shamed, and this one small event screwed up my sensitive nature for several years into adulthood, where I was too ashamed to show deep affection for fear of being ridiculed.

Being a man, this probably had more of an effect on my confused sense of purpose in this life.

Back to the little Skink

The Skink reflects the glory of our maker, whose wonders I now honor unashamedly in all my artistic endeavors.

My encounter with him has left me with a friendly and understanding respect for myself and him in a more meaningful way.

For too long, the belittling shame of bullies has intimidated me and kept me from being who I am.

Like that skink, I want to find some adventure, a warm spot, and protect myself from harm. I have been given life as an artist with passion and feeling. There is no shame in heaven for who I am.

That’s what Jesus wants on earth now.

So Skink and I say, “Wear your feelings on your sleeves for all to see and don’t let the bullies rule you with their fear born of ignorance.

I am now unashamed to honor this Skinks maker in all my artistic endeavors.

Please tell this story in London or Paris and Beijing or Sydney. You can also tell Oprah, Barak Obama or Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Bashar Al-Assad, Kim Jong-un, Angela Merkel or The Pope. Maybe even your spiteful neighbor might enjoy its simple story because no matter what political, religious, or philosophical opinions in our cultures, we all get to play our songs on a planet under the watchful eye of our producer in heaven.

Don’t become so busy that you can’t appreciate the simple things

If we are too busy to enjoy these simple delights and share them even with others even our enemies, then we are too busy.  Maybe fear is stopping us from living in heaven on earth.

Ask Jesus.

He knows very well how fear drove us to kill him and then to lie to cover our secrets and fears.

This little skink has no idea how twisted human thinking is. Skink Lizard corrugated art

It runs for protection because it has an inner knowledge to protect itself. Without trust, how can we enjoy the sunshine that God has given us the freedom to enjoy? We have to earn His trust in the way we live by exercising attractive benevolence and mercy.

Something God can give to anyone if they dare ask.



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Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $1150  |  650 x short side – $925
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We offer varying prices and sizes from | 400 round to 1500 x 820 (including frond sculpture and solar lighting)
Printed on specially treated small corrugation roof metal and high-pressure water cut to shape. Treated with a UV varnish for long-life protection.
* The corrugated garden art was developed from some of the images in my book “The Joys of Matakana Coast and Country 1”.  Typed on an iPhone 5s and photographed with a Canon 5D Mark 1 and 7D.  Editing completed on a 27″ iMac in Photoshop CC.
* Add-ons include rusted Core10 frond support and solar lighting for outdoors.


Some images from “Corrugated Garden Art” are exhibited on Women’s Fashions and multiple product lines at Fine Art America

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