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Bright eyes unruffled, peace in fearlessness, the treasure of knowing







MOREPORK – Ruru, night owl – A quiet observer’s wisdom


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MOREPORK – Ruru, the quiet wise observer.
Morepork Ruru night owl

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Kingfishers peace birds flight

“The Morepork”  – Maori name Ruru

I hear you say

Whatever …

A simple delight
Different culture
You are the same
Your nature
What’s in your name

Observant eyes
I’m not your enemy
I’m not your food
Rested in peace
Happy dude


Bright eyes
Peace is fearless
The treasure in living your purpose


This lovely picture of the Morepork was taken after I was lucky enough to be educated and honored by Don, the passionate volunteer guide on Tiritiri Matangi Island in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand. Morepork Ruru night owl

Don is part of the amazing success story on this island. It’s so inspiring to see how a few dedicated people can help bring something back from the brink of extinction. A habitat that was almost lost due to our forefathers’ lifestyles. So many breeds now have the pleasure of a new life in a predator-free zone. That’s great news for me and I’m so happy to be able to celebrate it!

I met some lovely ex-pats from London and Kiwi designers who have worked in New York. It made me think that maybe a new generation would enjoy some successful New Zealand wildlife stories. It would be a lovely way to remember home in art and photography on the internet.

The Morepork (Native Ruru)

The Morepork is a small, dark, forest-dwelling owl.

You might find it in both native and plantation forests, where it makes its distinctive “more-pork” call at night in many urban parks and well-vegetated suburbs. Moreporks are relatively common throughout much of New Zealand, but you might have to look a little harder to find them through the eastern and central South Island. Their diet consists of insects, small mammals, and birds, which they hunt at night. Morepork Ruru night owl

A Past-Time

My love of nature was first sparked by my wonderful father in Western Australia. It’s a memory I cherish.

Dad was a great animal lover, and he would often feed wild magpies, kookaburras, and parrots in the land of my nurture.

I think my dad was a before his time greeny way before it was the norm.

He loved wildlife even tho he was a butcher and farmer. He only killed meat when he had to, and he never exploited wildlife.

I remember a conversation between father and son on his farm that I’ll always treasure. So, he told me, “I cleared part of the swamp to make a dam for irrigation purposes and also to serve as a wildlife sanctuary for the many species of wildlife living on the property.”

My parents were the ones who first sparked my love of the bush, wildlife, and animals. I’m so grateful that I’ve never lost this love.

After meeting the God who put it all together in the beginning, I’ve grown to love and respect Him even more. My awe has grown immensely.

As The Passion Grows

After I discovered the God who made all this possible, I recall him (God) teaching me how he had put the fear of man into the animal kingdom’s heart. And it’s so true! If they aren’t wired to trust us, they could have been made extinct a long time ago.

Our wayward and careless greed is blindly destructive. You have to agree, that with no constraints, mankind would pillage what he has no respect for. In some countries, this has already happened. It’s so sad to think that Rurū could suffer the same fate as many other species have if there were no laws in place to protect our beautiful planet. Rurū’s message to us is to be more aware, to be kind, and to listen to wise advice from the creator of it all.

We have to agree that without limits, humans would be too quick to destroy what they don’t understand or respect. In some nations, this has already happened. If there were no constraints written into law to protect the wonder we have on this planet, Rurū would suffer the same fate as other species. Rurū’s exhortation to us is, don’t be so blind, be more considerate, and take on board wise counsel from the father of it all.

Do you think this story should be the topic in London or New York? I think it would be helpful. It makes sense for anyone who cares about the planet to think about the choices they make. We all need a little reminder sometimes!



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* The corrugated garden art was developed from some of the images in my book “The Joys of Matakana Coast and Country 1”.  Typed on an iPhone 5s and photographed with a Canon 5D Mark 1 and 7D.  Editing completed on a 27″ iMac in Photoshop CC.
* Add-ons include rusted Core10 frond support and solar lighting for outdoors.


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