Tiritiri Matangi Island - A playground for wild life
Tiritiri Matangi Island – A playground for wild life where the Kingfisher ponders the antiques of a Gannet, Fantails and Pukeko’s enjoying life on Tiritiri Matangi Island







ON THE EASEL – Tiritiri Matangi Island – The island of treasures


Full Description

TIRITIRI MATANGI ISLAND – The island of treasures Tiritiri Matangi Island On the easel 2021-23 Tiritiri Matangi Island painting

For interested buyers, don’t hesitate to ask at this link for a “First in first serve” acquisition of the framed original or number 1 of 15 limited edition acrylic enhanced reproductions.


This is a story about an island that became a sanctuary of recovery for many birds species heading toward extinction. Tiritiri Matangi Island oil painting

Nestled off the East coast of Auckland, New Zealand, Tiritiri Matangi Island is one of Auckland’s international treasures.  Like-minded visionaries have worked a recovery program to be proud of.

In times past, our forefathers, bound in the knowledge of their generation, did not foresee the damage created due to their then-unknown ecological management plan to capitalize on land for family welfare. On whole, different respect for the environment supported their endeavors to create material welfare.

Their ignorance through lack of knowledge was in an environment with abundant supplies and fewer demands due to smaller population needs. The modern generation is more informed. Our population increases at a challenging rate. Subsequent growth pressures motivate enthusiasts to find creative ideas for recovery. What was heading toward extinction now breathes new life.

It costs time, money, motivation with enthusiasm, passion, and affection for creatures that dwell with us for a season. Tiritiri Island and its custodians echo that reality.

My reasons

Researching Tirtiri’s history inspired me to create a statement about what I see. This painting talks about a portion of their dream.

Our environments offer us raw materials to capitalize on and managing it wisely is a must. Living in a financial world and managing with little respect for nature’s balance is a big challenge. Like it or not money talks. Our responsibility to wisely manage what we have is part of the cost of recovering what we nearly lost. Once recovered there is a cost to keep up it for generations to come.

The establishment of Tiritiri Matangi Island is a treasure in this generation for generations yet to be born.

The stars of the show

You will discover flora and fauna of all kinds embedded into the painting as it develops. All these play a special part in Tiritiri’s and human welfare.

Twelve species of endemic birds have been translocated to Tiritiri Matangi.

Various introduced birds have also found their way to the island and many are residents while some have appeared, stayed a while, and not been seen again. Others, like swallows, visit annually.

There are non-endemic (i.e. not unique to New Zealand), but which are ‘native’ in the sense that they arrived in the country under their own steam or by other natural means (e.g. assisted by high winds). A number of shorebirds and seabirds also drop-in or make Tiritiri Matangi their home. In 2010 a pair of Oystercatchers built a nest in the middle of Hobbs Beach. Man-made barriers protected the area where 2 chicks hatched.

Watch this space as this painting develops in 2022. I am creating a photo storybook to support the painting. Both are due for release in late 2022-23.



ORIGINAL FOR SALE * On the easel unframed size 1520mm x 910mm. Bid or tender for the original artwork. All offers are considered around $25,000.
Painted with professional oils on the fine weave, gesso primed long-life cotton canvas. The canvas is stretched on New Zealand pine and treated with brushed dammar varnish protection.
* Original and Limited Edition reproductions are supplied with Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate, and maintenance/care information.

Please ask about the price and sizes.

Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $960  |  650 x short side – $650
Printed on long-life archival canvas and protected with two coats of UV archival spray.
* Stretch mounted reproductions will incur added charges for mounting and freight.

Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $120
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival protection spray.


Images from “Tiritiri Matangi Island- the islands of treasures” may be planned to be exhibited in 2019 on Women’s Fashions through Vida and multiple product lines at Fine Art America.

Any good ideas will be considered via email.

  • Includes insurance and package/handling fees.
  • The Original and Limited Edition reproductions ship with the Provenance coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance information.
  • Poster art prints ship in insured tubes.


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