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Dedicated to all who seek answers to life’s hard questions. The boomers’ Blogs

No 1, “A Boomers Muse” on sex.

“Privyte, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, bulla, g’day to you all”

Hmm!! The boomers’ Blogs

I thought I would start with sex because if mum and dad didn’t get it on I would not have won my first race and grown up.

You see, I’m the result of a pleasurable ejaculation shooting across the great divide from a penis into a vagina. In the darkness of the canal was an egg waiting for a seed to impregnate it. 

Was it divinely purpose filled creativity or the end product of a Big Bang, (no pun intended), climactic beginning. 🤗

I was too young to know what was going on. My swimming technique was so pumped to win the privilege of becoming a human.

Experiencing life on the outside of mothers womb. 

Somehow I must have know it wouldn’t be easy. A blueprint of the vehicle I would be traveling in was produced with a road map and the opportunity offered to go do it. 

The blueprint of a little Aussie bloke, with red hair and freckles, apparently ADHD, with a short attention span and a handful for his folks. 

In that little bundle was a gifted creative (not genius) wanting some parental direction and a purpose to live for.

LSS, I dove in and 74 years later I’m still here enjoying exploring all the wonders of today, the universe, the earth, art, communications skills, sexuality and the god factor in living. 

I wake to the sight of my baldness, a few broken teeth, stale early morning body smells and the challenge to get out of bed, shower, freshen up, a muscle tune up in the home gym, then a couple of boiled eggs with diced silver beet, and cracked pepper on avocado spread toasted rye bread chased down by a black coffee. 

Yep, that’s the start to my day.The boomers’ Blogs


I’m a curious bloke with heaps of questions. “Where the heck did all this sex thing start from and why are we humans so argumentative when it comes to our opinions”? That is today’s question.

It seems to me there can only be one answer that is true and I want to know what it is because logically if I knew what is true then I would find unshakable security giving me a peaceful anchor in life’s storms … at least that’s what I’m thinking this morning. 

I think that is a good conclusion to come to, don’t you?

Going back to mum and dads pleasurable experience where hormones and nerve endings all excited physiological functions to start my journey after millions of similar events in our human bloodline started somewhere, on the planet way back, at the beginning. 

Hmmm!! I saw a dilemma evolving, a war of words riding on the backs of loveless opinions all vying for a place in the limelight, yet without having the knowledge or actual historical evidence based on conjecture. How and where did all this start?

None of us were there when beginning began. 

I know I will walk into a mine field of uglies when I reveal what I saw when my little sperm won its first race to the egg. I discovered life is too short to be long. 

Life is too short to be long 

Sorry readers, like you I have other appointments to attend to and my armpits tell me I need a shower so I’ll sign off now and you’ll have to come back for No 2 next week as the journey continues. 

I hope you get some good things done today and plenty of giggles which will be tomorrows history … never to be repeated. 

Use your time smartly and we’ll meet again next week. 

“The InQb8toR” 

“Failure doesn’t disqualify you” … “BAD SEEDS sowed with good Intentions, STILL BEAR BAD FRUIT”!!!


The disclaimer

“I did not start this story because it was happening way before I was born, and I do not intend to mock the religious rule books or those who have a wrong fear about the creator of life …. I want to say it as it is, without perversion. It will put a cat amongst the pigeons, but it must be said. People like me who screwed up in my journey because nobody would talk about sexuality openly need a voice that says it as it is without shame. Sex should be a natural and beautiful part of being human”.

Subjects that matter

Religion, sexuality, politics, spirituality, euthanasia, masturbation, life after death, gender differences, economics, true love, heaven, hell, guilt, shame, supernatural, vulnerability, nightmares, hatred, dreams, global warming, euthanasia, business, God … Anything” you want to hear and consider.

This is no place for mocking cynics. These blogs are for sick cynics, tired of loneliness, hatred, confusion, uncontrollable lust, habitual lying, depression, and whatever else deprives you of joy-filled living.


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