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Storytelling God themes is a biggy for me. We all have stories to tell and mine seeks a place in the journey.

From my studio/gallery in Warkworth, New Zealand – 2018 Storytelling God philosophy religion
  • Finishing 3 mixed media paintings Hunters Gathers 2“, “Hauraki Sunrise“, and “Watercolour Music“. I am also completing 5 oil paintings, Tiritiri Matangi Island Treasures“, “The Wonder of it all“, “Rainbows End“, “The Galah Stimulates Joy“, and “The Whistleblower“. 
  • Drawing, writing, reading, and researching ideas for my next books, “The Joys of Matakana Coast and Country 2″ and Tiritiri Matangi – A treasured playground”. Storytelling God’s philosophy religion
  • Preparing more images to populate Ian Anderson’s Fine Art website along with strategic planning for social media.
  • Planning to get back into physical fitness and windsurfing. Storytelling God themes
  • Writing about life, art, oil painting, philosophy, religion, and God’s influence on us all.
  • Developing my own fashion label  “La Festa” and household products from my artworks.
  • I am participating in a business mentor program.  Storytelling God’s philosophy religion
Best ways to keep in touch with what I learn and a disclaimer
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  • Emailers please note: It’s nice to hear from readers and fans alongside protagonists and skeptics but I receive too many to respond to all! If I did, there would be little time to produce any artwork. 
  • Freedom of speech stimulates discussion. My blogs explain my insights, opinions, and revelations (light bulb moments). You are free to disagree but gossips, slanders, and outright cynics are a pain. Note: Administrators will delete all abusive responses.
  • Please note: Like you, I am mortal and hamstrung with limitations. I exercise free will, learn mercy and act out forgiveness. If my heart was as big as God’s I would love as well as Him. Don’t believe the lies that God is a prick. There are times my limitations are obvious but I talk to God on all subjects, seeking answers and personal breakthroughs into knowing His heart. These blogs represent what I discover.

Let the journey begin

You will learn heaps about me. You will laugh, cry, get ticked off, wonder, question, get inspired, want to marry me, want to hate me, and wonder if I am sane or insane. Whatever the outcome, you’re motivation will be reactionary.

This is a fact, I give Jesus (the King of all Kings) the credit for creating a brain for me to use. I am an eternal spirit, living in a dirt body made of flesh, limited within our times use by date. Freely, I have chosen to take Jesus at His word and the mystery of God’s eternal existence overwhelms me with awe. 

It is also true the multiple wonders I experience through daily living, are narratives I like to paint and talk about.

An exhortation to all who have stuffed up and seek more out of their lives journey

Transparency is my catalyst and I encourage you to find hope after shameFaith increases as hope recovers. True love is possible and joy will enter your frame. Hopefully, as you delve into my story, you will note that foolish choices, suicide, and depression do not have to define you for the rest of your life. 

And yes, I am brainwashed but maybe not as you think! In the true sense of the word, I am being brainwashed from base thinking of selfishness, prejudice, arrogance, lies, bitterness, gossip, cynicism, murder, anger, fears, lust, jealousy, and envy. These are tormenters of our secret lives.

“We only have one lifeUse what you have wisely. If you don’t have the know-how (as I did in my struggles), ask the manufacturer, God, for wisdom to act as described. He will open your eyes to the mystery revealed in the Heavens Constitution manual, the Bible.

Note: The Bible is not a religious book and was never intended to be. Embedded in the Bible’s mystery and overseen by His eternal Pure Holy Spirit, is God’s passionate love for all human hearts. If you are hungry for a new life, the manufacturer’s handbook is for you.

Enjoy the ride and check out my art at the links below. Remember my artworks may never have greeted the 21st century if I had never found life after shame in Jesus.

Enjoy your journey and looking forward to catching up on the next blog. Have a great week. Ian.


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