Male seed bearer drawing The boomers' Blogs - A pencil illustration on archival, long lasting fine art paper.

“The Boomers Muse” on sex

  Dedicated to all who seek answers to life’s hard questions. The boomers’ Blogs No 1, “A Boomers Muse” on sex. “Privyte, good morning, good evening, good afternoon, bulla, g’day to you all” Hmm!! The boomers’ Blogs I thought I would start with sex because if mum and dad didn’t get it on I would…
Ian Anderson the artist and photographer.

INSPIRED BY DESIRE – To dream and share

  Storytelling God themes is a biggy for me. We all have stories to tell and mine seeks a place in the journey. From my studio/gallery in Warkworth, New Zealand – 2018 Storytelling God philosophy religion Finishing 3 mixed media paintings “Hunters Gathers 2“, “Hauraki Sunrise“, and “Watercolour Music“. I am also completing 5 oil paintings, “Tiritiri Matangi…
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