Ascension - The journey to receive the new covenant, art by ian anderson

Ascension – The journey to receive the new covenant, art by Ian Anderson





ASCENSION – The new covenant love



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ASCENSION – The new covenant love

To fulfill a dream
You must have vision
To have vision
You must have purpose
To have purpose
You must have conviction
With conviction comes death

The conviction from heaven has great reward

Life out of death


The pencil had to die to produce this visualization.

The challenge with this illustration was to control the pencil leads to a mid-tone perfection with a sensitive feel for the flesh and shape of the feet. My friend Pete had photographed his feet pointing into the sky while on the Great Barrier island in New Zealand. When I saw the image I turned it upside down and there birthed a surreal idea.

It was a study for my painting “Ascension and the Pearl of Great Price” and after I became more confident to publish my works I added the presentation ideas of perspex and brushed aluminum to set it off. I have added nail scars (Taken from scar tissue on my own body) to the feet. I was not there on the day of Jesus’ crucifixion and therefore cannot say how accurate I have been with the position of the scars. In my opinion, why this happened is more important to know

In my opinion, why this happened is more important to know rather than arguing over how and where.

I added 3 acrylics painted circles of blood cells in the blood canal. In the story of Jesus’s death, it is recorded that Father Son and Holy Spirit all felt the pain. This thought inspired me to be symbolic in painting an image of life in the blood felt by the Godhead.

The Journey

From a photo on a surf trip to feet in the clouds, the story developed as I found inspiration from reading about Jesus, and the wonder when he left His creation and His followers somewhat perplexed back here on earth. As the dust of Israel fell off his feet I’m sure the disciples must have been mind boggled, in awe of what just took place. It was a, “What the ????” moment. I know if I was there I would have felt the same. I can very easily understand why there has been so much controversy and confusion as to whether it happened or not.

It was not natural, it was supernatural and our natural minds could not fathom its significance. For most of us, it is out of our comfort zone. Yet He spelled it out clearly in advance that it would happen. When I realized this I found myself wanting to be there.

It’s Travel

His story has traveled through every nation, from Jerusalem to Cairo, London to Paris, Istanbul to New York and even down under to New Zealand and Australia. It hasn’t changed as it traveled through the deserts to the cities. Wherever you travel in the world you will see His story on the walls of caves, in the art of interior decorations in modern homes, on the bookshelves amidst the great philosophies of mankind. Yet the story remains the same, Jesus said He is coming back the same way in which He left. Whatever we believe will not change this fact. He is the anchor of good hope in a world lost in its confusion of purpose.

And so this simple Chiaroscuro pencil illustration is packed with meaningful intent to stir us to consider things we may never have given much time to think about.

The Unique Story

Jesus is a unique story beyond natural comprehension. Everything on earth has a use-by date. Everything in Heaven is eternal. What’s in Heaven can only be seen when our spirit is born again. What amazes me is that the freedom and peace of Heaven have always been to earth. For those of us who have experienced this in our hearts and lives will truly say, “How good and faithful he really is, and always has been”.

Heaven has a Constitution or Ordinance for earth welfare. This deemed that a man, without corruption, had to die the penalty of an unjust death. This was to redeem all those under the penalty of death. The darkness (perversion) of man’s heart and the deceit of lying supernatural beings needed to be addressed. The supernatural beings (called demons) control this darkness and can never give peace. This man, a Jew from the lineage of a family from Mesopotamia (Modern day Iraq) is recorded as having satisfied the demands of the Constitution via his death. In doing so He then returned to the supernatural Heaven, through the clouds.

Because of His trustworthiness and act of obedience to the Constitution ordinance, He has given Heavens power of attorney. He has passed it onto us to influence our affairs on earth under Heaven’s watchful eye. For those called to be His ambassadors on earth, His exhortation is to continue His good work with authority to set captives free, heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. This brings reconciliation and peace of heart and mind to mankind He loves. This means when we become healed and whole we will be more industrious and look after our neighbors with new care.

Here it Stands

We have all suffered the consequences of our own ignorance, privately and publicly and yet before our eyes reconciliation has always been available since His death. On the whole, we are too stubborn to admit we need help so we miss out on His wonder. There amazing peace and freedom to experience on earth today when you are alive to heavenly glory. Even among skepticism and mockery the fact is still the same, it’s available to all who want to partake.

All creation waits for Jesus return and which includes the earth’s full redemption. As prophesied, this is according to the manufacturer’s plan. His soon return, to fix up our mess, will come when we have learned and He knows we are ready.

We have free access to God’s counsel and can ask for heavens’ advice to open our eyes and see what our natural minds cannot see.



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