Dolphins universe animals birds - The Wonder of it All - Oil painting on aluminium frame

WOW – God’s logic, beyond comprehension – The Wonder Of It All

THE WONDER OF IT ALL – Dolphins universe animals birds



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THE WONDER OF IT ALL – The Logic of God during Covid-19   Dolphins universe animals birds

“It is finished ... 311 hours are embedded in this painting … ” Prints and gifts are now available.  Dolphins universe animals birds

I have entered the painting in the Global Art Awards in Shanghai China. The awards are based on online voting and a panel of judges making the selections to go through to the final choiced before awards night on November 2020. I would love you to go to THIS LINK and give the painting your vote and tell all your friends and networks to post their votes. The entry is a taste and see if my work is up to international scrutiny. Thanx in advance. 🙂

A note for the skeptics. The painting is not photocopied, inkjet printed on canvas, and painted over. I painted with brushed and finger painted professional oils on gesso primed fine linen archival canvas as seen in the gallery progress images.

Numerous elements were added after conversations with visitors to my studio. Throughout the process, I contemplated many other ideas and continually struggled with time management. You will see some development stages in the product gallery.

For interested collectors, ask at this link for a “First in first serve” acquisition of the completed original or the number 1 of 25 limited edition acrylic enhanced reproductions. You may bid or tender for the original artwork around $72,500 with a deposit of $19,000. 


Who can compare?
The logic of God
A marvel
Beyond comprehension
Opinions waver
Only one truth
Visions beyond time
The future or the past
The first man talks
Animals flourish
I’m flabbergasted
Who can compare?
The logic of God


“The Best is Yet to come!” A look past the current climate change narrative of hopeless fear and doom and gloom into another true prophetic realm.

“Everything was created through him; nothing—not one thing!— came into being without him. What came into existence was Life, and the Life was Light to live by. The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out. John 1:3-5 MSG

The whole painting focal point is the painting and painted on purpose. Inside this painting, there are numerous muses based on my genuine questions to solvable answers. Many of my friends said the answers are impossible to find. Their opinions inspire me to seek and be truthful about what the God I met taught me. This painting cannot do justice to what I have seen and heard.

“The wonder of it all in the logic of God” is inexhaustible, a feast statement regarding all that is given to us to play with, live in and enjoy. For instance, you may look at creation forever and still find something new visually/externally or scientifically/internally and wonder over its wonder. 

I have no idea how many protein molecules are in dinosaurs’ bones or a road runners’ left eye! There is much to learn and for me and everyone I know, we have all eternity to marvel at knowledge without end. 

Do you think the name and sentiment, “The Wonder of it all” suits? 

The dove – a universal symbol of peace

The Dove is my best attempt to paint a supernatural/spiritual element of the Holy Spirit’s visibility in our physical world.

Symbolically, He is enjoying watching over what He was an equal and responsible partaker in making. He still enjoys the pleasure of what He created with His Father and Son and He wants to share his pleasure with whoever wants to understand. That is my deep conviction in the metaphor. From another realm, unseen with our naked eye, the realm of spirit, God created from nothing all that we see, feel touch, smell, hear, and taste.

The animal kingdom

Stop, look, and listen.

The animal kingdom tells us something. There is a mystery pointing to someone greater than ourselves involved in its manufacture.

Every species is unique in its purpose and function. Their biological similarities and differences, colors, and modes of transport, reproduction and sex life, diet, and limitations all point to amazing marvels on this planet.

We together, all spin on our earth axis around the sun in the vast universe … whether we like it or not. I personally rather like it and I think God likes that I like what He made. All, the animal kingdom, beyond my comprehension causes me to marvel. 

I am in question mode. Who or what can I give thanks for this wonder or did it just happen as an unintelligent explosion or did God in His knowledge use some atomic explosion in His creative wisdom to birth what He spoke? Did he create a planetary system out of His wisdom and then establishes life out of the chaos? I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but I do appreciate what I know and look forward to what He reveals as I journey into histories future. 

Nature’s Inspiration

My muses around creation mysteries and life on earth. Nature is the collective phenomena of the physical world including plants, animals, the landscape, and the environment.

Maybe in the process of manufacture he spoke and in his all-knowing powerful understanding little big bangs of controlled atomic explosions with furnace-like interiors were flung into being. Maybe in our limited understanding, we have misinterpreted what he absolutely knows. I personally rest my thoughts in his pallet of wisdom, not in mine.

What I do know, outside of time and outside of the physical universe in the world of the eternal spirit, his presence in Heaven is eternally present. From his position, he spoke and all this came into being, just as He said. 

God, genderless, neither male nor female, beyond our understanding where metaphorically speaking one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day he created all this wonder, one period of our physical universe at a time. 2 Peter 3:8

Whether 7 literal days or a day being a long period of time I cannot understand in the light of Eternity (having no beginning or end). I understand in him I live, and move, and have our being in Him. Acts 17:28

Each of these creatures never started their hearts beating. The protein molecules, nuclei, and atomic structure where pre-formed outside of my limited scientific knowledge in the world of searchable mystery. 1 Cor 13:12

The universe and my questions … echoing multitudes in the valley of decision

How beyond comprehension is it all?

Without knowing the beginning and the end we discover new depths in the solar system as nebula full of gasses, planets brushed with windy weather patterns, ice, and dust, and rich veins of commodities await our probes we press on into knowledge without end. What of the stars yet unseen? WOW.

Have you ever asked this question? “If the universe started with a big bang how come all the planets are round and not jagged broken rocks like comets”? Why do they spin in orderly orbits as if they are not out of control? It seems to me we have so many unanswered questions why planets spin around their axis and each other light-years away from our home as if they have always been there.

Every generation has gazed upon and imagined the wonder in the stars moon and sun. We have conjectured theories and opinions from the absurd to the sublime and yet an intelligent mind may come up with this observation, only one answer can be right … “Which one is it?”

In our generation, we discover what no other generation has had the knowledge to use. Technology and science have built a bridge between the wonder and reality of what has always been under the sun. We are privileged looking and living as 21st-century mankind, in constant awe, discovering new revelations of frontiers untold.

One thing we all have in common is that none of us were there at its beginning. With our minds at their best we can only hypothesize through sciences and superstitions and yet there is a deep want to know, “How did it all start, how will it all finish, and is there someone who actually knows?”

The earth

While sitting at my keyboard typing my thoughts, all this is the reality I live in. I am spinning on this earth’s axis like you who read my thoughts.

We spin around an axis at about 1,100 mph (1,600 kph) while spinning around the sun at about 67,000 mph (107,000 kph) and we never get dizzy or fall off.

I am writing this in New Zealand underneath the Northern Hemisphere and I windsurf on saltwater in an ocean that ebbs and flows without spilling into the universe.

Underwater, is teaming life. Above water, is teaming life. Knowledge without end and life under the sun with a beginning and an end.

I would love to stand on the moon and look back at earth and maybe my heart would burst with anticipation and joy. I could not contain the emotion and I guess my praise would not have words to capture such true feelings of wonder and gratitude.

A perplexed soul searcher on earth

I became perplexed while marveling at nature, and the universe. I read many opinions and theories and somehow knew they could not all lead to the same manufacturer. They followed different instruction manuals built on their opinions and experiences. I wanted concrete evidence securely anchoring my heart in truth. If truth is an eternal person I wanted a personal introduction, not a religion to obey cold rules.

Here are 4 of my muses reflecting my search. “Before the beginning began“, “Where are you God to speak to without treason“, “All kissed by a lover’s hand“, and “Billy tea and God“.

I will add more muses in 2020 from His answers to my questions.

The discovery of the manufacturer’s supernatural nature in the journey

Some say they talk to the impersonal universe that doesn’t have an instruction manual. Some say it all started from nothing like a big bang! Years after the first life we made our own rules which differ from philosophy to philosophy, religion to religion, and political system to political system. These systems of thought affect our ecosystem for good or harm which I felt deeply in the production of “The wonder of it all”. Dolphins universe animals birds

I have dwelled in many of those camps and my hindsight recall testified … no peace or deep conviction that what I believed was right. I had nothing to measure my thoughts with and like a hitchhiker going somewhere without knowing what I needed I discovered a GPS tracking device, created by another to guide me?

If the manufacturer called God (the GPS giver) existed, “Why the heck didn’t he talk to me?” If he existed why could He not stop the hatred and wars, why could he not stop death and extinction in the animal kingdom, why could he not fix the brokenhearted and heal broken bodies, why could he not stop us from raping the earth with little respect for consequences, why could he not put an end to religious arguments and scientific hypothesis or political intrigue? Where did all this magnificence come from that many of us have so wilfully and ignorantly abused?

Who is the manufacturer? Did He live outside the universe with influence in the universe? Was He Supernatural, Spiritual, Personal, and Eternal? Did he make all this wonder?

Answers to these questions led to many God moments, and out of body experiences (without drugs) pointing into the metaphor and vision for “The wonder of it all”.

The fools questions are answered

Was I a fool to ask these questions and travel many roads searching for the missing link? Or am I the fool to think, “If God existed he would talk with me instead of through gurus, priests, shamans, psychics or any other voice man chooses to conjure up”?  Was I to wait until death or reincarnation to find the answer? Did I evolve from the grains of sand or the animals I paint? I the fool did ask these questions.

What were the answers that may bounce back through the universe into my heart from beyond the veil? My GPS told me God lived in another world, the world of Spirit, where he has the final authority over all he made?

I did not want to be a “Not knowing” foolish one. He answered my personal hunger when I discovered he loves our questions like a loving father enjoys his children discovering life. And there I met him, in his answer, this foolish one’s quest was answered in 1976. The manufacturer introduced his son Jesus and Jesus revealed the future.

Good wins over the bad.

Today’s painting testifies to that revelation, light bulb moment. I am not afraid of the foundations of the earth failing us where the doom and gloom picture creates no hope for a better home. He has shown me the good, bad, and ugly cycle has its completion in Him, not in our sincere attempts to tidy up our mess.

The earth used by date will only be completed at His demand. Climate change, running out of resources, natural disasters or wars will not be our end. These are signs pointing to the need for a better solution. That better solution, new earth, and heavens are in his mind and already approved plans will be drawn down on His calendar, not ours. The new earth will be as glorious, even more, glorious than what you see in this painting and we get to partake if we choose to be involved in his plans.

There are ages to come governed under his rightful wisdom, respect, and love in all that he has made.

No, this is not wishful thinking, it is fact and if the animals could speak I may echo their pleasure in living in a zone of fearless expectations.

This painting is upheld showing us a small portion of what He gave us to play in during this period of time. The next installment will be greater than what we know and all creation is looking forward to that day … including me.

Meanwhile, what we see and experience in this generation is still a marvel to experience. We must manage it’s resources as best we can until He draws down the next installment. 

The animal kingdom stars are

Sparrow – Pelican – Wedge-tailed Eagle – Pteranodon – Flying reptile – Macaw – Sea eagle – Red-tailed black cockatoo – Dove – Gannet – White pointer shark – Boulanger Island INDIAN Ocean West AUSTRALIA – Arabian horse  – Pukeko and Pukeko chicks – Koala bear – Kangaroo – Lion – Roadrunner – Mallard duck -Giraffe – Langur monkey – African elephant – Emu and emu chicks – Wombat – Brachiosaurus – Crocodile – Bottlenose dolphin – Kiribati bonefish – Electric eel – Manta-Ray – Kiribati Sea urchin



ORIGINAL FOR SALE   * Bid or tender for the original artwork. All offers considered around $72,500. On the easel unframed size 1200mm x 1200mm. Framed size approx. 1400mm x 1400mm.
Painted with professional oils on fine-weave, gesso primed cotton canvas for long life integrity. The canvas is stretched on New Zealand pine and treated with brushed dammar varnish protection.
* Original and Limited Edition reproductions are supplied with Provenance, coded Authentication of Sale Certificate, and maintenance/care information.

Please ask about the price and sizes.
A master acrylic artist will digitally recreate the original painting and use hand-painted brushstrokes to replicate the original painting.

Unframed sizes | 960 x short side – $1150  |  650 x short side – $925
Printed on long-life archival canvas and protected with two coats of UV archival spray.
* Stretch mounted reproductions will incur added charges for mounting and freight.

Unframed sizes | 594 x short side – $145  |  420 x short side – $95
* Posters printed on fine art papers and treated with two coats of UV archival protection spray.


Painted on fine-weave, gesso primed long-life cotton canvas. Stretch mounted proud and framed on brushed aluminum sign ply with brushed dammar varnish protection.


Images from “The Wonder of it all” is planned to be exhibited on Women’s Fashions through Vida and multiple product lines at Fine Art America. I also plan a series of him and hers “T” shirts in 2020.

  • Includes insurance and package/handling fees.
  • The Original and Limited Edition reproductions ship with the Provenance coded Authentication of Sale Certificate and maintenance information.
  • Poster art prints ship in insured tubes.


2020 – A runner-up, Artavita International USA digital online contest during Covid-19 lockdown.
“The Logic of God without the virus – The Wonder in it all”
Link to – Thought-provoking and compelling artwork virtual exhibitionThomas Tunberg

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