Christmas time at Algies bay on the Matakana Coast, New Zealand
Christmas time at Algies bay on the Matakana Coast, New Zealand





ALGIES BAY GLORY 1 – Pohutukawa tree, New Zealand


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ALGIES BAY GLORY 1 – Christmas time, a New Zealand story in the harbor of rest.
Algies Bay Pohutukawa tree, New Zealand 

Be grateful for what you
Not what you don’t have
Adds life to life
A joy
Takes the breath away

Privileges are given
Many will share
All the better with peace
Gods gift
Christmas time


Algies Bay Pohutukawa tree New Zealand is one of the many beautiful vistas around our fabulous New Zealand Matakana Coastline.

It’s hard not to feel blessed, privileged, contented, lucky, fortunate, or favored to be alive walking through the scenery like this? The interesting thing for me as it’s part of my profession I still have to make a concerted effort to stop and take note. If I don’t, in my busyness of an overtaxed mind I will walk on by. Algies Bay Pohutukawa tree

I don’t live in a country any better than anywhere else on the planet. I live on a piece of our planet, in a universe where there is no end to wonders discovered. If I put aside religious, political philosophies and boundaries of what is, then it becomes a fascinating spectacle.

A scientist sees wonder through a microscope lens. A sportsperson sees beauty in a particular skill. A zoologist sees beauty in the behavior of an animal. A spiritual scientist sees the wonder in the supernatural beyond our natural heavens. A botanist sees the wonder in a Pohutukawa flower. A meteorologist sees the wonder in weather patterns and a paleontologist sees the wonder in historic traces of past adventures.

An artist like me goes … WOW. Whether it is in the Arctic, the Sahara Desert, or the deepest ocean there is no end to knowledge.

Summertime New Zealand

This is our summer, Christmas time and for most people a time eagerly anticipated after a long winter. There is always something of interest for hungry hearts and all have something to share. As an artist-photographer, my first wonder is in color and visual presentation. This is offered in Pohutukawa trees from Algies Bay and Donkey Farm. After the visual comes the exploratory wonder of how and why. Without political, religious, and prejudiced fear-filled agendas the wonder of this planet is something all may and marvel at … no matter what nation or landmass. Algies Bay Pohutukawa tree

This is New Zealand. I may be in Syria, Russia, or China and will still find the same wonder and all its nuances. Think about how political and religious foolishness destroys what was made to be good and enjoyed by mankind. As enthused neighbors and not at war with enemies we can share our Pohutukawa memories and inspire others to show gratitude no matter what dirt we live on.

The natural and the supernatural link

Outside of time, religious opinions and philosophy is a realm in the supernatural where God dwells. When the heavens open to a spirit hungry for truth, everything on this planet under heaven becomes a source of childlike fascination and curiosity to know when and why. Always, after an intimate conversation with the manufacturer, surprises me how simple and wonderful everything is.

I am privileged as an eternal spiritual being in a body made of clay to experience this part of the planet to share with you. I could have been in the Simpson Desert of Australia or the frozen tundra of Alaska and still be awed by what I saw and learned. The fascination of life given to me by a son born to the lineage of Abraham from ancient Mesopotamia has deepened my respect for all mankind. Our dominion over all His works, though grossly mismanaged by our joint ignorance, still affords amazing vistas to enjoy as reflections of His everlasting goodness on a piece of land branded by a political boundary called New Zealand.

The Pohutukawa tree on this land, under the sun in a universe full of wonder, leaves me in awe as I spin with the planet approx. 1,000 mph around its axis and 66,000 mph around the sun. Go figure this one out! I am astounded.



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