Photo Art Books

These unique luxury presentation photo art books are designed for coffee tables, and office foyers making beautiful gifts to boast about your special part of the world.

The photographs are a small portion of the beauty we see every day on this amazing planet. I have the good favor to be able to stop, listen, observe and meditate on ideas to produce these works for your walls. I have deliberately looked for something different in a presentation that is part of my DNA in storytelling.

Ian Anderson Fine Art Photography (or photo art) is the blending of photography and digital illustration skills to stimulate your imagination into another worldview.

These artworks are created from these skills by using the digital technology tools of today to blend an idea into a series of impressions. From each series, an original oil painting and limited edition acrylic-enhanced masterworks are created.

Reproduction products

These unique books and photo artworks blend those skills to be reproduced on multiple media including Giclee canvas prints, fine art papers, corrugated iron, fashion wear, home wear, coffee table panorama storybooks, and entertainment games.

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